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  1. Last April on the Infinity I was able to make one specialty dining reservation with the Captain's Club rep. 60 days before sailing. (This was before Celebrity started allowing booking online.) Also, as soon as we got on board, our first stop was the S.S. United States to make additional reservations. We will be sailing on the Millennium in March and have had no trouble booking restaurant reservations. Perhaps you should make further inquiries--especially as you want to book for a big occasion. I don't know if there is a specific entity that handles celebrations. Perhaps someone can address this last issue. Good luck.
  2. Lizzy B.

    One Day Sale + Coupon?

    When booking a Tuesday special, can one choose a specific stateroom or are these specials the same as booking a guarantee?
  3. Thanks for your replies. I am pleased to see that impressions of Azamara are improving. It does sound as though the company has been working on improving its service. We were pleased with our Celebrity experiences (Concierge Class on Baltic and Panama Canal cruises) because of all of the help provided on these boards. We listened to advice and were able to craft cruise experiences that suited us. We ate at the Aquaspa Cafe almost every day for lunch; we especially liked the freshly prepared daily offerings. We ate several times in the speciality restaurant, the S.S. United States. We adored the cheese course and the way that we were offered "specials" on our third and subsequent visits. We also hung out in the Cove Cafe; the pastries, excellent coffee, and the late afternoon/early evening music and drinks had a great deal of attraction for us. We learned about tipping our stateroom attendant up front and this provided excellent service. I know that--with the help of those on Cruise Critic--our cruises were wonderful. Not only are we interested in the Azamara itineraries, we would also enjoy the concept of a basically non-smoking, smaller and more intimate ship--but my question remains the same. In light of our success on Celebrity, is Azamara "worth" the higher cost? Will we be able to craft cruises that will be substantially better than what we have--with careful study--been able to experience on Celebrity? Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to share your expertise.
  4. If one books on almost any 2008 Azamara European cuise by May 5, s/he will receive an "anniversary" discount of $500 per stateroom for cruises under 13 days and a discount of $750 for cruises of 14-plus days. Also included is an offer of "special air-inclusive pricing" for these trips. A quick comparison with a similar Celebrity air package in the same sample month shows that the Azamara air offer to be several hundred dollars less than the Celebrity air. Is this "anniversary offer" an indication of "Trouble in Azamara City"? I have read of of unhappiness by some Azamara passengers--especially the issues of the "difficult-to-contact" butlers, the tiny bathrooms, the 18% automatic tip on alcohol vs. the 15% on Celebrity, the expensive excursions, the lukewarm food and lack of trays in the buffet areas, the lack of variety in the food offered and the general feeling, by some, that Azamara was not a step up from Celebrity; many seemed to feel that it is not as good as Celebrity--even though there is a 30% price differential between the two lines. (This figure has been used on these boards and was also quoted to me by the Future Cruises manager on my recent cruise.) I am interested in the Azamara itineraries--but hesitate to book with a line that seems to have issues. I have sailed twice with Celebrity and was well-pleased both times--but it doesn't sound as though Azamara is equal to Celebrity quality. Having watched the price fluctuations--on a daily basis--of my two Celebrity cruises, I know that this company can and does adjust stateroom prices based on the popularity of a cruise. I have never seen a discount offer such as this. Is Azamara experiencing trouble booking passengers but is unwilling to adjust its prices in the normal way and instead is offering a faux deal to pretend that all is well? Does anyone have any thoughts on these issues? Thanks!
  5. Lizzy B.

    Does Celebrity allow you to carry on wine?

    I have heard that some people have had their alcohol taken from their bags by Celebrity. Are you allowed to lock your bags or must one leave the bags unlocked--as at the airport?