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  1. I just got off Enchantment yesterday. We had times we were going 20 and 22 knots. All day on Sunday, the boat was rocking. The starboard side of deck 5 was closed to the outside staring maybe mid-afternoon. I'm not sure if we got the beginning of Tropical Storm Fernand or what. It did rain in the afternoon. Patti
  2. How nice that you were allowed and encouraged to celebrate Christmas!
  3. Today there would be privacy and safety issues giving out personal information of employees. And Christmas cards are almost a thing of the past. Kind of sad! I can remember my mother writing out the list and cards and it was fun getting the cards in the mail. Times do change!
  4. I label any e-mails pertaining to the cruise by the cruise date. Before the cruise, I will print out any that I'd like a hard copy of for the trip. I do keep a journal of each trip. It includes a bit of pre-trip information and then I journal daily during the trip. After a cruise, all the paperwork gets somewhat organized and put into a gallon sized zip lock bag. I started using zip lock bags for filing years ago during a move. I continue to do it as small things don't get lost and I can easily see what's in the bag. I tend to keep my vacation stuff forever. It's part of the memories! Then I have it for referral or just reminiscing. Patti
  5. I went with Michelle of Island Wings. We landed on a lake in Misty Fjords and "happened" to see a bear. I'm don't know how often they see a bear in this setting. Also, everyone has to climb 3 or 4 steps into the plane. It's pretty much like climbing up a ladder with narrow slats. This would be another consideration. The plane itself is pretty cozy and requires some stooping over to get to your assigned seat. You may want to call the companies before deciding. Enjoy Alaska! Patti
  6. @cynt - Moral of the story - - - Just listen to Cynt!!! Hi Lady, Our old roll call has had a bit of activity lately. Hope you and your hubby are doing well and sailing soon! Patti
  7. Hi Jim, I met you and your wife years ago on a cruise out of Galveston. I went to Covenant for years. I saw the thread you started earlier today. There was an active thread yesterday but folks got so nasty that I guess the moderators shut it down. Really a tragic situation! Patti
  8. I ate at the Alaskan Crepe Escape in Juneau two summers ago and thought it was the best meal of my vacation. The Capital City Crepe was large and quite tasty. It's close to the library parking garage and has outdoor seating. Here's the website - https://alaskancrepeescape.com/ Enjoy! Patti
  9. I took a stapler with me. It's only about 2-3 inches long. Borrowing a stapler from the front desk of a hotel is also an option.
  10. You can also remove the "showerhead" and use it as a wand which makes it much easier. (Hope that makes sense!) Patti
  11. At The Container Store, I found this for a travel purse - https://www.containerstore.com/s/travel/totes-bags/baggallini-pacific-blue-city-tote/12d?productId=11005552 I like that you can upzip the bottom of the outside pocket and slip it over your luggage handle. For a day bag, I found a bag similar to this - https://www.containerstore.com/s/eagle-creek-heathered-blue-packable-daypack/d?productId=11006418&q=eagle creek It's very lightweight and could easily hold my camera, water, jacket, etc. Enjoy Alaska! Patti
  12. I bought the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS for Alaska and have enjoyed it. It's easy to carry and has a nice amount of zoom. Best Buy has it now for about $300.00 Enjoy Alaska! Patti
  13. A while back, I added the sign-up page link to my signature since I had trouble finding it and it makes it easier for other folks on the roll call. Last October our Allure cruise got caught in the Cruise Critic website downtime thus no one got invitations. We knew the M&M time & place from the most recent cruises and I actually saw the listing in the Cruise Compass about midnight on Sunday. We had 178 signed up for our M&M but probably had about 25 due to Cruise Critic being down and lack of communication. It's easy to sign up from the link. You'll receive a confirmation when signing up and once again when the group reaches 25 people and the "party" is officially registered. It really takes everyone participating to make the Meet & Mingle an enjoyable and worthwhile event. The Royal Caribbean staff takes the lead but it's more fun with lots of folks contributing. Patti
  14. Back on Allure in October, the Top Tier event was scheduled 30 minutes after the Meet and Mingle so it felt really rushed to attend both. Maybe scheduling the two events 45 minutes or 1 hour apart would be better. Thanks for listening and enjoy Cruise Critic! Patti
  15. On one of my cruises, the AM split us into teams of about 6 people and supplied the bingo cards/papers so we could play People Bingo. I believe his name was Cuddy. It was a good way to actually "mix and mingle". Name tags and any type of ice breaker are beneficial. Thanks for listening to the input! Patti
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