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  1. For several days, I could go to the screen showing all the boards but couldn't get into any of them. It looked like 2 pages on top of one another. Yesterday, it was back to "normal". It would be nice to get some notice or see an explanation if the site is not going to work correctly or is in the middle of maintenance or an upgrade. Patti
  2. I was on both ships last year. The 5 day cruise on Enchantment is OK but I probably wouldn't want a longer cruise on her. There seemed to be a lot of activities on Enchantment and the entertainment was better than I expected for a small ship. It seemed they took all the favorite activities from the larger ships and rearranged it into a 5 day schedule. The worst thing on Enchantment was a cloth shower curtain and the shower barrier on the floor is only about 2 inches high. I was usually mopping up the entire bathroom after a shower. Enjoy your Enchantment cruise! Patti
  3. I did an excursion through Royal Caribbean after my Allure cruise in October 2018. Our luggage was put onto a truck and we collected it after lunch. It then went with us on our bus to the airport. We were then dropped at the American Airlines terminal at Fort Lauderdale around 2 p.m. Allure came into Fort Lauderdale, then I toured Miami and was brought back to the Fort Lauderdale airport. There was some confusion before the excursion as there didn't seem to be many instructions. The men were handing out luggage tags but not really saying anything. I almost ended up with Miami tags when I needed Fort Lauderdale tags. I'm glad I did the excursion. Just ask a lot of questions as we weren't given much guidance. Someone from Royal lead us off the ship and then "disappeared". We also had people who didn't hear the guide's instruction on how to get connected to the audio in the bus. After our first stop, those people realized they had missed an hour of the guide's talk. Enjoy your excursion! Patti
  4. Brian was onboard Liberty for the November 10th sailing. Really enjoyed him! Patti
  5. Reynaldo from Brazil was on Liberty last week. I really liked him. He said he had been with Royal Caribbean for 7 years. Patti
  6. I was wondering what happened as I looked for that review again. I believe the painting problem happened 2 or 3 times and they eventually moved. I've read his reviews before as he is one of our local media guys. That cruise seemed to have had multiple problems. I was on Enchantment in August and things were "OK". Hopefully Enchantment will get the attention she needs soon! Patti
  7. I was on Enchantment in August and my cabin steward said she would go to drydock in October 2020 which aligns with the information from ATC cruiser. Patti
  8. I normally eat turkey bacon. On Allure, it looked limp and barely cooked. On another cruise line, the turkey bacon was brick hard. Somewhere in the middle would be nice! Patti
  9. I just took some small Gatorades with me for the excursions knowing how hot it would be. It's easy in a rolling carry-on and then I come back with lighter luggage. Enjoy your cruise! Patti
  10. I just got off Enchantment on Labor Day and we weren't aware of any problems. Sounds like it may be something that has happened pretty recently. Hope the problem is fixed soon and she's sailing safely! Patti
  11. I just got off Enchantment yesterday. We had times we were going 20 and 22 knots. All day on Sunday, the boat was rocking. The starboard side of deck 5 was closed to the outside staring maybe mid-afternoon. I'm not sure if we got the beginning of Tropical Storm Fernand or what. It did rain in the afternoon. Patti
  12. How nice that you were allowed and encouraged to celebrate Christmas!
  13. Today there would be privacy and safety issues giving out personal information of employees. And Christmas cards are almost a thing of the past. Kind of sad! I can remember my mother writing out the list and cards and it was fun getting the cards in the mail. Times do change!
  14. I label any e-mails pertaining to the cruise by the cruise date. Before the cruise, I will print out any that I'd like a hard copy of for the trip. I do keep a journal of each trip. It includes a bit of pre-trip information and then I journal daily during the trip. After a cruise, all the paperwork gets somewhat organized and put into a gallon sized zip lock bag. I started using zip lock bags for filing years ago during a move. I continue to do it as small things don't get lost and I can easily see what's in the bag. I tend to keep my vacation stuff forever. It's part of the memories! Then I have it for referral or just reminiscing. Patti
  15. I went with Michelle of Island Wings. We landed on a lake in Misty Fjords and "happened" to see a bear. I'm don't know how often they see a bear in this setting. Also, everyone has to climb 3 or 4 steps into the plane. It's pretty much like climbing up a ladder with narrow slats. This would be another consideration. The plane itself is pretty cozy and requires some stooping over to get to your assigned seat. You may want to call the companies before deciding. Enjoy Alaska! Patti
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