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  1. What do they have on the televisions with NCL? With Carnival it was first-run movies and repeats of on-board shows, but wondering what NCL has? I've heard the Lemonade is for kids only, is this true? If so, is it strictly 12 and under or can 13 yo get it? Dress code for kids vs. 13 yo- Kids can wear shorts in dining room, but can my 13 yo son? I am packing pants, but if he sees others that appear to be about his age in shorts, he will not be so happy with me requiring pants.
  2. MaplewoodMNSnow

    Travel Documents

    We are doing a Carnival Cruise leaving next Thursday 3/20 on Imagination. Our travel agent sent us our "travel documents" with a lot of blank pages to fill in information I already filled out on-line to get our fun pass. Do I need to fill out these pages all over again, or is the online information being filled out sufficient, as long as I printed out my fun pass?:confused:
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    shore excursions

    We booked this cruise specifically to see Mayan ruins. If you are like us and get in to Cozumel at 1 PM, then it is not offered due to timing issues. We sail on Carnival Imagination on March 20th, and thru TripAdvisor we have been assured that it is not too hard to do on own. With getting off ship taking a while and ferrying over to Playa del Carmen, then 1 hour drive to Tulum, it would probably be 4 PM before getting to Tulum and having 1 to 1 1/2 hours of light to see the ruins. But then we still have plenty of time to get back before the ship sails at 10 PM. Has anyone else done this to know for sure?