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  1. How was your trip? How was check in at port ?
  2. I was on royal and celebrity 2018 and 2019 we were allowed soft drinks n wine to bring on board
  3. So your saying msc will allow? I know when I went on their ship in EU we were allowed
  4. Yes I ordered for my room
  5. Ok how about bringing on board Soft drinks and water for the rooms?
  6. I don’t think so I would go on the ship that whether you’re vaccinated or not I don’t have to wear a mask as long as I wash my hands and do my own thing I’ll be fine besides all the alcohol everybody drinks will be immune to this damn virus anyway LOL
  7. Ooh pls come back and tell us your experience on your aug2 trip how everything was run getting back on boat after 3 yrs of not cruising I know it’s going to be different but curious how a 3 day will run also if I carry on my bottles of wine ?
  8. I hope so … was hoping to carry on my juices and at least one bottle but I was wondering if anyone got on the boat for aug 2 trip to Bahamas waiting to hear their adventure it’s going to be my first cruise since lockdown
  9. I agree it’s only 22$ a night … if you can car pool share the expense
  10. hello welcome back to cruising !!! I’ve been on MSC boat before but in EU so excited to be cruising … question can we still bring on board 2 bottles of wine ?
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