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  1. Thanks everyone! It looks like they were omitting the taxes and fees from the quotes. I went ahead and just booked it on the royal website for peace of mind. I'm going to look into transferring the booking to a TA within the 30 day window.
  2. I guess what is confusing to me is that about 8 of the quotes had the exact same price. Is it possible that the TAs can book for the retuning guest price?
  3. Hi folks please forgive me if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find a specific thread on this. I have never sailed on Royal before, but I've been on a lot of cruises on other lines (Carnival, Crystal, and Disney). I'm looking at booking a couple of cabins for December, and I'm seeing something really odd. I'm used to the prices on the cruise line's website more or less matching what a travel agent can get me. But I went on a website that allows TAs to bid on your trip (not sure if I am allowed to name the site) and their prices are all identical and about 15 to 30% less (not including OBC) than I can get from booking direct. Is this normal for RCL, or is this just despiration from the travel agents due to Corona?
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