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  1. Week between Palm Sunday and Easter 2021. The dates are March 27 or 28 and yes we will be flying.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts. The cruise isn't until March 2021 so I have a lot of time to decide.
  3. For my next cruise, I have the option to go on any of the 4 current Oasis class ships? Which would you pick and why? This cruise would be a family cruise consisting of 4 generation, ranging in age from 75 to 18months. All of us except one family has been on multiple cruises. Thanks!
  4. On Oasis back in 2011 and they showed both Thanksgiving Day games on the big screen in the Aqua Theater. It was great way to watch the games!
  5. I do have the compasses. Let me look through them and I will let you know. Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  6. If you are a martini drinker and if Adrian is still on board go to the R Bar and have him make you a martini. Excellent bartender.
  7. And 6 more. Thus could take me a while.[emoji1] Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  8. My family was on this cruise in a balcony cabin 8636 and promenade cabin 8629. Stopped at St. Thomas, Curacao, Aruba and St Maarten. I am not much of a writer but I took a bunch of photos so I am just going to post them. If you have any queztiobs5, I will try to answer them. I also have all the papers that were in the cabin. We had a great time! Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  9. On August 17, we arrived at the pier about 11:30am, dropped our bags with a porter and were on the ship about 15 minutes later. Much nicer than my last embarkation in Bayonne NJ.
  10. Got off Freedom in San Juan last Saturday, our customs agent looked at the pasport, looked at me said "how are you doing Denise?" and that was it. The agent made my husband take off his baseball cap, and waved him through. No questions.
  11. Another pic . I was standing on the balcony of 8636 looking forward. The collection of buildings are the shops, I think. Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  12. In the top pic, you can kind of see the people in the background walking to/from the ship. The blue Curacao sign was near the vendor area. I will see if I have another pic from a different angle.
  13. Looking back from land. Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
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