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  1. Thank you for this detailed response. We were out of town when you posted and just saw it. We are looking forward to this tour!
  2. Have not been to St. Maarten in about twenty years. Thinking of taking the following tour on Amigo Tours. Has anyone taken this tour? https://www.stmaartenamigotours.com/#!/st-maarten-highlights.html Thanks in advance for your help. Jack
  3. Thank you for the response. This makes no sense, but there are certainly plenty of other options!
  4. The first Chef's Table we ever attended was during the first year of sailing for Oasis of the Seas and it was outstanding! We hope to attend again on our cruise on Symphony of the Seas on June 29. Does anyone know if Symphony has Chef's Table available? I cannot find it listed anywhere on the RCCL web site. Thanks, JackN
  5. We got a $300 OBC from our travel agent.
  6. Actually it does now change on the Celebrity web site, which is what triggered me to start this thread.
  7. Because they always said and continue to say 'free perks". Again knew they were built in some how. Before you could not add and remove free perks on the web....now you can. I just found the amount the perks actually added to the reservation surprising. The last full thread here about Perks only debated the value in terms of how many drinks you would actually have versus taking another perk. Just thought some would find this interesting.
  8. The question is will two people spend $770 drinking on a seven day cruise without the package. On this one we would not have come close.
  9. Been cruising for 20 years...perks are a recent option. The past years when we accepted the perks it was a great value. On this cruise even without the pkg, with 4 sea days we were not going to spend $300 drinking without the drink package. And since the classic package does not include drinks above $9, which rules out the martini bar, we would upgrade to premium anyway. I read a recent cruise critic article on perks and none of the comments mentioned the actual cost of the perks so I thought I would pass along. Jack
  10. Let me begin by saying I love Celebrity Cruises, so this is not a complaint, but relaying some interesting information that I think will help folks make a more informed decision when deciding on selection of "Free" Perks. After 19 cruises, I considered myself to be a very informed cruiser. But when booking our most recent Celebrity cruise I was surprised to find when I declined the "Free Perks" on the Celebrity web site reservation page, the cost of our cruise went down $250 per person. The two free perks we had chosen were gratuities and the classic beverage package. Even paying the $200 gratuities on a 7-day cruise, that left us with $300 to spend on board to reach the cost of the free beverage package. With the luxury of the Elite cocktail hour each night and four ports on the cruise, paying for the two free perks made no sense for this cruise. On longer cruises with more sea days, the beverage package remains a great perk. I always figured the cost of the free perks were somehow worked into the cruise price to a certain degree, but was very surprised they were worked into the cruise fare to this degree. A representative on the future cruise desk on board did confirm for us that there is a cost charged to the passenger for each "free perk" they select for their cruise. So to perfectly clear, the "free perks" should be referred to as "discounted perks", which are still a good value. Again not a complaint but something to consider when booking your cruise.
  11. Thanks all for the feedback. I had read that the Elite Lounge/Seapass drink process had been changing. Appears it is still a bit inconsistent and related to the number of Elites. Went to Cuba on RC last year and the drinks were put on your card. And to allay the confusion from my first post, this is our second cruise on Equinox, but 20th overall, hence Elite Status.
  12. Meant second cruise on Equinox. This is our 20th cruise. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Really looking forward to our second cruise beginning Saturday, June 30. Is the Elite Cocktail hour still held in the Sky Lounge? And is Celebrity now putting 3 coupons on your sea pass for use each evening between 5 and 7 pm. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  14. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Back in 2009 we had the pleasure of visiting Sicily on a cruise. This was probably the highlight of our trip. I had arranged for a van and driver for our group of eight. The drivers name is Gaspare and you can reach him at gasparecracchiolo@alice.it. This is his Facebook Page. He lived in the US for 12 years and speaks very good English. He took us on an all-day tour, that started at the Greek Ruins at Segesta, then to the mountaintop medieval town of Erice (beautiful), then to a seaside village for lunch and finally a complete tour of the huge city of Palermo. It was terrific and the total cost was 62.50 Euro per person, plus tip and everyone wanted to tip Gaspare after the great tour he provided us.
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