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  1. Not many businesses have the ability to return 3-6 month deposits. Assets an cash on hand are different .
  2. If your FCC is posted on HAL website i cant find it My agent says the first one is credited under our mariner number.
  3. Originally i would been on the Westerdam cruising Japan . Then we were supposed to be going to the Airport today on the way to Barcelona to meet the N Amsterdam to Venice . I am planing a fall cruise but for now I’m taking a wait and see attitude . Not so sure travel will even be allowed. The travel restrictions will be lifted last. I read EU will be closed to visitors till September . Might have a better idea in a month .
  4. I saw a news report that the credit card companies don’t what that many refund transactions. With all the refunds from the amazingly amount of travel refunds. That is the main reason refunds are slower .
  5. you should be able to reuse your insurance on replacement cruise . Your insurance should not be how you are refunded. The insurance would have only been 90 percent should be 100 percent.
  6. HAL is really slow at making decisions as are most of the other cruise lines . Have canceled every thing exempt the cruise part on our April 17th . They seem to think its still a possibility . The Airline cancelled the flight yet HAL is doing nothing . My guess is July 1st at the earliest . Pretty sure though if not by next spring the existing companies will not be around without a 50 -100 billion dollar bail out.
  7. Im thinking there are overwhelmed I'm waiting as well for information. When they canceled Asia i received a email right away . With all thats happened i would think there is no way they will have enough money available to offer every one refunds without government help. I rebooked the Mediterranean so i'm in the same boat financially . Hope they get enough help to remain viable.
  8. The last i heard Mexico has the virus why would anyone think they would allow passengers ? I’m really hoping to get our closed business is open in 30 days but not holding my breath. The whole thing is terrible and i hope they are doing the right thing. I would think they would let them dock . It would be less expensive to wait there than Juno.
  9. Never bought Holland America insurance . I do Think it’s usually a cheque as the business is separate from the cruise line. What good would the insurance be if it was invalid if the cruise line went into bankruptcy .
  10. As long as they have enough assets you can always borrow. It hurts any business ours were just coming out of our two slowest months of the year. I’m sure we will lose money at least tell June. Makes it really hard to make up for a poor showing five months long. As a owner you either have to use reserves if thats not enough a cash injection is required. They are big enough that government assistance will come.
  11. The planes will stop on there own who wants a two week Quarantine .Anyone arriving that is what is required .
  12. Thats not fare maybe they will look after you. My wife told me to cancel i told her it was to early as this a fluid situation . I was more concerned about the money we put out for business class air. Still waiting for the flights to cancel pretty sure they will. Virus is getting out of control were its going.
  13. They are letting you transfer the insurance to another cruise .It pays 100 percent when its covering for reason coverage. They need you to have some skin in the game.
  14. I agree with you FCC is fine with me we cruise lots. Refunds for the people that want it. Airlines need to give choice as well.
  15. I’m wondering if it’s going to be governments forcing the issue. The cruise lines should look around and see what other venues and events with high density are doing. If they don’t act soon it’s shame on you.
  16. I would take FCC if they Guarantee same length of cruise same categories as booked. To easy to raise prices to make up some losses . But they should get some government assistance i do think that should be from all counties that benefit from the industry.
  17. It’s taking a chance lots of sea days things can really change in eight days. Two doctors a few nurses at least the cruise will most likely have a light passenger load. The two transatlantic cruises i have done were met at the first European by about six ambulances to remove passengers . I’m still wondering how they could do a transatlantic without a port guarantee. Although there is still time to change there plans. Europeans could fly through London doesn’t mean for sure the cruise line would allow them to board. Lots of cases in Europe . Americans can get back may require a fourteen day qua
  18. i know it does not cover but it wasn’t a pandemic yesterday. And if was the day before and if your insurances will not cover you now the cruise line is negligent if they take you into that area .
  19. Air Canada most likely will change destinations and dates. I thought the insurance would cover our cancellation the Westerdam Japan. So i booked a Mediterranean cruise. Changed the flights no change fee they had a agreement with the cruise line. Now when you cancel your flight i heard they insist you rebook immediately . The reason for not giving a credit to use within a year is what i would have expected. Especially with this fluid situation .
  20. What really concerns me is one person has it they are not letting the ship dock. I could easily stay an extra 14 days. What i don’t want is being stuck in my room 14 days . Even if its a Neptune suit. Put in a plane then quarantined another 14 days. The ports are only going to look after them selves. If the cruise lines can’t get the ports to handle this differently cruising is not viable. We could live with having a cruise shorted by illness . That has never happened to us but you buy insurance for that. Even the medical evacuation is not being used. Love cruising 7 days at sea are okay with
  21. I would take FCC if they Guarantee same length of cruise same categories as booked. To easy to raise prices to make up some losses . But they should get some government assistance i do think that should be from all counties that benefit from the industry.
  22. Im a really big Holland America fan ,but they are just delaying the inevitable . Will not be long before ports will not allow them. I hope they make the right decision and pause operations for 60 days. I love cruising but this scares hell out of me. I'm also concerned about our business that we will have to pause it. Its a big financial hit lets hope there is some government assistance .
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