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  1. Mindy43

    American Express Offer Is Back

    Same for us. No luck even after two calls.
  2. Mindy43

    American Express Offer Is Back

    How do we add this to our Amex card?
  3. Mindy43

    Obstructed Balcony

    Yes and with good results! Some rooms on some ships have no obstruction. Mid ship rooms are our favorite. Pictures of these rooms are shown on a site called Obstructed view rooms by Renmar. Choose the ship first, the check out the obstructed view rooms before you book.;)
  4. Mindy43

    Cabin availability on B2B cruises

    She is a good travel agent and she did call Princess. She too was a little frustrated.
  5. Mindy43

    Cabin availability on B2B cruises

    We have a 14 day b2b booked for January and we also wanted it booked b2b rather than 2 consecutive cruises but were unable to get the cabin we wanted even though each segment showed as available. Our travel agent called Princess and she was told it was a computer thing and it was not possible to override the program. (We decided Due to shareholders credits and Military credits it was better to book it as a 14 day.). The room we have will be fine but I don’t understand Princess reasoning.
  6. Mindy43

    Princess $1 deposits May 22

    Very interesting, Thrak. What will they think of next?????
  7. Mindy43

    New Circle Magazine

    You are correct! We love to see younger families onboard but at the moment, they are in the minority. It is always nice to see several family generations together.
  8. Mindy43

    New Circle Magazine

    You are correct (in our opinion ) that Princess seems to be targeting younger families. I tHink they realize that we 'older folks' are the majority on all of their ships! They are looking to the future. However we 'older and retired' are able to cruise more often without work deadlines and school calendars to follow.:)
  9. We have two cruises booked on the CB and we are considering cancelling because of these reviews. Wish we heard some positives! Just doesn't sound like Princess standards.
  10. Mindy43


    Yes, definitely.
  11. Mindy43


    When on the Royal this past February, a set of 6 bingo cards (4 games) was $30. Many people were using the IPads and to be honest, it seemed to me that they were the ones winning. I chose not to make the iPad purchase. In the past, I have won several times using the papers and markers on previous cruises (I buy one bingo marker ink and bring it back for next cruise!). Cheap of me, I know, but why not?). I enjoy bingo while on board.
  12. Mindy43

    Anniversary Sale

    Forgot......on previous booking, we received free gratuities so it is best that we keep the previous booking and not new sale price.
  13. Mindy43

    Anniversary Sale

    In regard to the new sale, it may work for some but not for us. The room price went up $220 pp and the shipboard credit would be $150 more pp so we would not benefit. (We are booked on a January 2018 sailing.)
  14. Mindy43

    Royal Princess & Football Question

    Yes, usually they will have football on the big screen on Sundays. We were on the Regal from 11-6 to 11-13 and two games were on...Sunday and on Thursday night, there was football game in the Vista Lounge.
  15. Oops! I didn't read the post completely and discovered you will be exciting in Sydney. (I was thinking Fort Lauderdale). Sorry.