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  1. My DH and I went last April and they ran a special on the last day, it is def worth it to wait until that day. I think the difference was about $60. :)
  2. Thank you Wennfred for the information, that makes sense that I will need to add my booking online manually, I remember doing that now when I cruised before. I'm actually not getting a free cruise with seamiles, just a $75 discount off the total price. But this is a discount off the price as it is now on carnival.com. In my past experience, the price fluctuates a lot, especially since I'm not going until Dec. I will call them directly and ask but I'm having a feeling that the price will be locked in, unlike when I book through carnival.com.
  3. I actually got a good quote through carnival seamiles :D (I was shocked since I'd heard they are a rip off). Before I book, wondering if anyone who's booked with them can answer a couple questions... 1) Does your booking appear online at carnival.com just like a regular booking? 2) If the price goes down between now and my cruise, do they adjust rates? In the past I've been able to call carnival and they drop the rates for me. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  4. I sailed on Inspiration back in April of 2007. Now that it's been re-vamped, hoping someone can show me some pics of the changes, especially the rooms. When I visit the Carnival blog w/ pics, I can't find any of the new rooms. Thanks!:)
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