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    Back from Star Princess - Alaska 6/1-6/8

    When we were there the first week of June, it was very cool. Avg. temp was right around 50 degrees F. It may be up near 60 when you go, but should be very pleasant. Plan on it raining at a few ports. Bring a rain jacket.
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    Back from Star Princess - Alaska 6/1-6/8

    Broncoboaz, I'm glad you mentioned this, because the latest flight on our departure date leaves at 10:05 AM, and I was very worried about whether we would be able to make it. How did you arrange to have an express checkout - did you request it during embarkation? Thanks! Yes, you will request this on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cruise. You will get something about it delivered to your room.
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    Back from Star Princess - Alaska 6/1-6/8

    In my opinion, Anytime dining is the only way to go. There was honestly nothing bad about anytime, except that if you showed up during the peak times (between 6:45ish and 7:30ish) you would have to wait till a table opens up, or you can be seated right away if you were willing to sit with others. We (just the two of us) never had to worry about that because we always ate between 5:30 and 6:30 every night. The food is the same in both places but you have the flexibility to eat when you want. The only down side that I see is that you don't get the same waiter/waitress every night unless you call for reservations ahead of time which totally counteracts the fact about flexibility. You are expected to dress up on formal nights in the main dining rooms. We did the first formal night but went to the buffet (no formal) the 2nd formal night (out of clothes). You can also enjoy all of the entertainment for the evening on formal nights in casual attire (jeans, etc). Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Back from Star Princess - Alaska 6/1-6/8

    Chilkoot should be getting back to you shortly. It takes them a few days/week to get back to you with the reservation confirmation.
  5. Greetings everyone, My wife and I just returned from our 7 day cruise aboard the Star Princess to Alaska from June 1-June 8. Instead of giving you a full review, I'll give you some important tips. 1) Plan on getting to the Pier between 11 AM and 11:30 AM. If you cannot do this then don't show up until 2 or 3 PM. We got there at 11:10AM and getting checked in was a breeze. We had to wait in line to board the ship for only about 10 minutes. We basically boarded the ship at 11:30 AM. 2) DO NOT BOOK ANY SPA TREATMENTS UNTIL LATER IN THE WEEK! They deeply discount most of their services later on in the cruise. Don't believe them when they tell you that they already are totally booked later in the week. It is a lie. My wife did a seaweed massage for $175 on the first sea day when on the last day they were selling it for $145 or so. 3) There are many important things to make sure you bring, but I'll just name a few essentials here. Binoculars - A MUST! Camera - SAME Cash - (for the Casino if you plan on gambling...you can room charge in the casino, but there's an extra 3% fee) Power Strip Downey Wrinkle Release - works great Travel Alarm clock - there is no clock in your stateroom Passport - of course! 4) The food was great! We were not a big fan of the buffet, but it was fine. The food in the dining room (we did Anytime dining) was great! We basically ate there for every meal. All of the ice cream is great! If you are planning on drinking soft drinks, buy the sticker for roughly $34 unlimited soft drinks (this includes a 15% gratuity). As a couple, we bought one and basically split the times when one of us would just drink water or a soft drink. 5) Get an EGG CRATE for your bed. Tell your room steward first thing that you would like an egg crate for your bed (it makes a huge difference in the comfort of your bed). Also request robes to use. This is nice for when you want to go out on your balcony even if you are not totally dressed. Just throw on the robe. 6) Go see the entertainment options. The music/dancing was great and the comedians were hilarious. 7) Excursions: Go zip lining in Ketchikan. We did and loved it! We did the high adventure one (not the bear creek one or the ropes course). 7 lines and 3 suspension bridges. Book this through Princess. It is actually $6 cheaper to book this through Princess than it is to book it directly through Adventure Tours (depending on what time you book it...we got it for $159 each). Go whale watching in Juneau with Harv and Marv. We did and loved it and got lots of pictures of whales and bears. The great thing about this is that you are in a little boat that holds only 6 people. Harv (or Marv) basically takes you where you want to go. You are in control of what you want to see. Awesome! You must book this independently from the ship. Do the Train Expedition in Skagway with Chilkoot Charter. Do the 7 hour tour that takes you to the Husky Puppy Camp. Again, this is a small tour, only 15-20 people on the bus and you are in control of what you want to see. The BBQ chicken lunch is amazing! The dog camp was also wonderful to see. Again, you must book this independently from the ship. 8) Disembarkation: You have the option of taking your own luggage off of the ship. This is espcially helpful is you have an early flight. You are one of the first ones to leave the ship and can take a cab right away to the airport. Barring any complications, you could have a 9:30 AM flight and make it in time if you did an express check out. I'm not totally sure, but it may be cheaper to take a cab to the airport than it would be to book a transfer to the airport through Princess. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!