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  1. OOOH< I forgot. We got an Ulu knife and cutting bowl in Alaska. I LOVE that damned thing for chopping herbs and garlic. It's PERFECT. Bought two more to send to the sisters.
  2. Earrings. They certainly do not overload the weight limits, and every day I put a pair on, I remember where they came from....... Not something put away or on display, but something I use day to day.....
  3. OH, and yeah, I'm looking to expand my Mariner points on Holland America......
  4. OK, I've always booked with the ship, but certainly not for every stop. Other stops, we've walked on our own, used public transportation, or rented a car. My next trip will have an independently booked trip, because there was no other option (nothing at the port, and we'd been to everywhere else in the area....) But I do read the descriptions REALLY carefully. Don't want to be stuck on a bus forever... That said, we've had ship excursions cancelled for weather, and the $$ was instantly back in our account...... and one of our BEST EVER excursions was with a ship: helicopter to glacier walk in Alaska. We were the only two going (though it could ONLY have been four total - it was a helicopter). Because of weight management issues, I got to sit in the "co-pilot" seat in the helicopter. OMG. And then it was just the two of us with a guide on the glacier...... Whatever it cost, it was worth it! Read and research carefully, know both your limits AND how much of a challenge you want. And what you really want (not what other folks say is wonderful)...... Again. Read and research and know yourself.
  5. OK, we're weird late diners. I am usually awake by 5 am, hubby by 6:30..... and our at-home dinner is around 6 pm. On a ship, we still get up early.....but the breakfast is much heartier than the one at home, lunch is a bit later, and there's always a snack in the afternoon. Followed by Happy Hour (which might have appetizers) and/or some live classical music (Adagio in the past, probably Lincoln Center Stage next trip). So we do late. I admit sometimes the seating is sparse (we've been the only two on a table for six, for example....). But I really like having the same servers who learn our preferences, the wine steward who always has my wine ready at my elbow, etc....... I want to be indulged.
  6. You are dating yourself! There are probably a few folks here who never had a Commodore 64. (But I did!)
  7. OOOH, are those benches gone? We loved seeing them - they were so silly. And luckily tucked into elevator bays. But I have pictures. They were spectacularly horrible.
  8. I believe that you don't have to go through security again ONLY IF you do not have to change terminals..... but so many airports (including LAX) have multiple terminals. LAX has....seven? eight? You need to research which airlines and which terminal(s) they use to be sure of how long you might need. But when in doubt, I'd give it a good amount of time.
  9. I am addicted to natural fibers, some of which wrinkle, but just hang them in the steamy bathroom. My dressy outfit(s) won't wrinkle, but many other things do. Whatever. I'm on vacation. If my wrinkles offend you, don't look....
  10. For me, too! I was blaming my husband's down/up loading. But I guess I was wrong.....
  11. Just saying: there are ferries you can take, also, from Europe to the British Isles. We really liked the overnight ferry from Harwich (train from London) to Amsterdam (bus to train to Amsterdarm). It's another option to explore.
  12. My dad, who sailed and skied in his youth (back in the dark ages - the 1920s-50s), swore that wool would keep your warm even if wet. I've learned that he was right. So for me, counting on the environment: a wool watch cap, wool sweaters, wool gloves, wool socks. There's a flip side - wool wicks well, too. So I wear wool socks all year long - even when hiking in the summer. No more soggy cotton socks for me...
  13. We did Quebec city on our own. Perfect. Bar Harbor, in high season, has a free shuttle bus that goes through Acadia National Park and elsewhere. You can get off at stops, and then get on later. http://www.exploreacadia.com/routefinder.htm
  14. I did JUST THAT. Used a TA for the original reservation on ship, but I wanted to have the flexibility to choose my own flights without going through the TA for each question / choice / seat / etc. So I made the Flight Ease reservations myself. I knew I'd made the reservation, but it was incredibly hard to find on the website. However, it showed up on my TA's information, and she forwarded it to us immediately. So, do your own, but let your TA know you've done it and need him/her to send you the printed confirmations.
  15. OOOH, thanks for the info. I'm happy now! BTW, I wish I'd chosen "school library lady" for my name. Because "library lady" is what the kids at school call me!
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