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  1. Years ago, we got a call from our credit card company about an expensive plane reservation made to Dubai. Not us.....we were GRATEFUL for their vigilance. It's a two-way street. If you DON'T tell them, and then they decide to block you..... what are your options? If you tell them beforehand..... Just wondering and not sure what is best.
  2. OK, just saying.....we informed our credit card companies that we were traveling and would be OUT OF COUNTRY until a certain date. I got pickpocketed in Copenhagen. We called the CC companies about the stolen cards within maybe 3 hours of the loss. There had been a charge on one card ( a big boost on the thief's transportation card). We were assured it was cancelled and all was good. When we got home from our trip (three weeks later) we had a SNAIL MAIL letter from the CC company (who were supposed to know we weren't home yet!) waiting for us. They denied our request to cancel the illegal charge because the card was "in our possession" when the charge occurred, in spite of our previous contact with the bank reporting the theft. Called the bank, the case was closed, and we were responsible. IF we chose to contest, it would take a month for them to even re-OPEN the case. It wasn't a whole lot of money, but....REALLY?....we'd informed them as soon as we could. So we contacted them again, with a fax of the Copenhagen police report....and got the funds back, and it didn't take as long as were were told it would. Lesson learned: if you are pickpocketed, go to the police to make sure you get an official report. You won't get your stuff back, but it's proof that you really suffered a loss. It's a pain in the butt, but if you need to verify, it's very helpful to have the documentation. And go ahead and push your CC company...
  3. We did a Golden Circle tour that started at 2 pm and lasted almost 8 hours. In mid-June. It was still light out at the end, at 9:30 - 10 pm.
  4. I second this. We had a connecting flight (Copenhagen to Heathrow/ Heathrow to LAX) witha full 3 hours to get from one gate to the other. In the same terminal. We were on our feet in line for most of that time. Maybe it was just BA, but it was AWFUL. Multiple security / passport/ gate checks. Long lines. No time to grab a snack or...visit the facilities. It was awful. I will NEVER connect through Heathrow again. EVER.
  5. Just wondering .... on many ships there are TWO floors to the dining room. Since anytime diners eat "anytime", perhaps the ONE "yum yum man" just hangs out on the floor with fixed dining. Otherwise, he'd be ringing his bells all night long. Just saying. We were on the Zuiderdam in June, and he was there.... for the late fixed dining. My two mints, and my hubby's candied ginger.
  6. Just saying. Cheap backpacks are vulnerable to theft. I have a backpack that we have used for years, and when time was an issue and I was frazzled, I put my wallet in the most outside pocket instead of buried in the coats. YES, my stupidity in action. I was expertly pick-pocketed while I was wearing the damned thing and my husband was almost always walking behind me. In Copenhagen. Didn't realize it had happened until I'd taken the backpack off to pull something else out of the backpack......and the pocket was unzipped......
  7. We've never needed to use internet when on a cruise, but this year, we'll be on the ocean when we will need to check-in to our airline and get our seat assignments***. I seem to remember there was a one-day internet offer in the past. Is that still true? ***Just not willing to pay an extra $ 122.00 per person to choose seats ahead of time. We are, at least, in premium economy....so willing to take a chance that we might not be sitting together at worst. Thanks!
  8. We enjoyed the time we had at the top. Took a lovely walk. But we are the walking around type, and would choose that everywhere.....
  9. On our last few HAL cruises, they had eliminated the written end-of-cruise survey , which we always filled out. We have NEVER received an on-line after-cruise survey. Is there some reason they don't ask EVERYONE what they think? Or is there some way we need to ASK to be asked? Or should I just write notes to the front desk about my (mostly) happy experiences? Just asking....
  10. OMG. No escargot? That would RUIN my trip (tongue in cheek). They'd have to fill an escargot dish with butter and garlic and give me lots of bread to soak it up.......
  11. My asthma is VERY vapor sensitive, so perfumes/colognes/air fresheners/cleaning materials etc. all can get to me. But if someone wants to be over stinky, I'll just keep going past them. If I am stuck, it is MY choice of what to do. For example, let's say hubby and I sat down in good seats for a performance, and a very scented person sat down next to me. I haven't the right to tell them to leave because of their scent choice. It's my individual problem, so I'd be forced to move. If I were in fixed dining (which we prefer), and on the first night a table companion's scent was overwhelming, I'd be honest. I'd tell them I couldn't bear it, and would they be willing to forego the scent, or should we ask to be moved to another table.......
  12. OOOH< I forgot. We got an Ulu knife and cutting bowl in Alaska. I LOVE that damned thing for chopping herbs and garlic. It's PERFECT. Bought two more to send to the sisters.
  13. Earrings. They certainly do not overload the weight limits, and every day I put a pair on, I remember where they came from....... Not something put away or on display, but something I use day to day.....
  14. OH, and yeah, I'm looking to expand my Mariner points on Holland America......
  15. OK, I've always booked with the ship, but certainly not for every stop. Other stops, we've walked on our own, used public transportation, or rented a car. My next trip will have an independently booked trip, because there was no other option (nothing at the port, and we'd been to everywhere else in the area....) But I do read the descriptions REALLY carefully. Don't want to be stuck on a bus forever... That said, we've had ship excursions cancelled for weather, and the $$ was instantly back in our account...... and one of our BEST EVER excursions was with a ship: helicopter to glacier walk in Alaska. We were the only two going (though it could ONLY have been four total - it was a helicopter). Because of weight management issues, I got to sit in the "co-pilot" seat in the helicopter. OMG. And then it was just the two of us with a guide on the glacier...... Whatever it cost, it was worth it! Read and research carefully, know both your limits AND how much of a challenge you want. And what you really want (not what other folks say is wonderful)...... Again. Read and research and know yourself.
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