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  1. Thanks..... Pretty sure the won't be relevant, but I wanted to thank you for reaching out!
  2. Really surprised no one has posted them. Generally someone on CC post them. Maybe if we keep this at the top of the Board someone will help us out and post them.
  3. I agree, I like the smaller ships better a well. The more I read reviews on different cruise lines, ship size, etc, I notice everyone has their preference based on past cruises. After the our Breakaway Cruise I decided to go back to a smaller ship. Thank you for Ladybugpug for your review! Nicely done! Dave
  4. Word has it they trashed the ship! 😂
  5. Yes, you have tax on drinks while on the River and in port of NOLA...… doesn't add up to much....
  6. Thanks Bearette….. I guess my post was a bit vague, apologies.... Thank you for your advise, good idea. Instead of looking for a beach that provides diving, find out who leaves from specific area. Time will be key from a cruise ship as I learned last time I was in Cozumel. Thanks again! (y)
  7. Thanks smokin Mike! I used Aldora Divers my last trip but this time I have my Daughters along. (the oldest being 19 So it not like they are little kids...lol)
  8. I know there are operators who work with cruise ship passengers, however I am looking for beach place for were we can go as a family and I can catch a dive boat for a two tank dive. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Dave
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