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  1. Davocabo

    Breakaway, Nov

    Yes, you have tax on drinks while on the River and in port of NOLA...… doesn't add up to much....
  2. Davocabo

    Beach Day For Family with Scuba for me

    Thanks Bearette….. I guess my post was a bit vague, apologies.... Thank you for your advise, good idea. Instead of looking for a beach that provides diving, find out who leaves from specific area. Time will be key from a cruise ship as I learned last time I was in Cozumel. Thanks again! (y)
  3. Davocabo

    Beach Day For Family with Scuba for me

    Thanks smokin Mike! I used Aldora Divers my last trip but this time I have my Daughters along. (the oldest being 19 So it not like they are little kids...lol)
  4. I know there are operators who work with cruise ship passengers, however I am looking for beach place for were we can go as a family and I can catch a dive boat for a two tank dive. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Dave
  5. Davocabo

    NCL Sky

    The Post you wish you could erase..... LOL
  6. Davocabo

    NCL Sky

  7. Davocabo

    Sky - Just off, Ask away

    Do you have the Daily's to post...... I know I never think to keep them but thought I would ask. Thanks!
  8. Davocabo

    Longboards on The Sky

    Last year no bar was open 24hours. If there was my friends 21 year old son would have found it! :)
  9. Davocabo

    Beverage Service on Sky

    Thanks For the info!
  10. Davocabo

    Beverage Service on Sky

    I assume the Open Bar include on the SKY does not include the day at GSC and you purchase Drinks. Can Someone Confirm? Sailing Jan 6th!
  11. Davocabo

    taking alcohol on???

    Pirate's life for me.... Smugglers are my kind of people. Whiners can walk the plank! [url]https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ75dWW2Zvr8EJ6mMeMCw4I8V5jTTJDRRCuVjcgInWoB_-6-Qk-2A[/url]
  12. Davocabo

    Dawn upgrade question

    Sardam..... When did you find out about the upgrade? When you checked in? More Detail please. :) Leaving on the 28th sailing and hoping for the same. Thanks
  13. Were you always scheduled to arrive in Roatan at 9AM? We are on the same Cruise in 4 weeks and not scheduled to arrive until 10am, which will Suck:eek: Thanks Dave
  14. Davocabo

    Norwegian Dawn out of New Orleans - questions

    All paper work shows the 28th sailing.... I am going with the confirmation! :D
  15. Davocabo

    rum runner flasks?

    [quote name='buddyboy_4'] Anyone that makes their own wine from kit concentrates will be familiar with the plastic bag that the concentrate comes in. It is [U]very[/U] heavy duty plastic, has a strong, reliable plastic resealable cap and measures about 18" x 12" when laid flat.[/quote] Sound just like the Rumrunner flasks! Fill it up!:D