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  1. Very happy campers. We cancelled our May 17th two-week Alaska cruise/tour on 03/21. Just this morning see that we have been refunded in full the amount due in cash and will now wait patiently for the remaining amount to show as FCC. I believe I am correct when I say the process only took 101 days.
  2. We, too, had three credits yesterday for our 04/05 Silhouette cruise which leave a balance of $1,100+ still due. Sent a note to TA hoping they might be able to explain. Maybe if we are patient enough......
  3. We are thinking of organizing a Slot Pull on an up-coming cruise. Any suggestions on how to organize and run it? I have participated in one where everyone contributed a set amount and then had a set amount of "pulls" based on the $ amount playing. For example, $9 per person on $3 machine yields 3 turns per person. Any suggestions on picking out a machine - progressive or otherwise? Once play begins does it always continue until everyone has their turn, or could you stop, cash out and then continue until all had a turn if a fairly large :rolleyes: amount was won? Any and all advis
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