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  1. Unforgetablecroatia.com also has 7 day island cruises all summer. You might check them out. Never been with them, but I am currently researching 7 day Croatian coast cruises for 2019. Judi
  2. hjpurcell

    Vantage - La Perla - Croatia

    We also want to do this in 2019. Cannot get a straight answer from Vantage about the size of the beds. Are they actual doubles or queens? Judi
  3. Thank you Travelcat2. We are going this November on the Navigator with similar itinerary. I enjoyed reading the port descriptions. Judi
  4. hjpurcell

    Best on-island snorkelling?

    We just went with compassbonaire last week and loved it. Easy to find off the ship and a smooth journey. Great captain and good snorkeling. Judi
  5. hjpurcell

    What's the best thing you've done in Aruba

    We loved the Black Pearl. Lovely sailing vessel with all the drinks you want (all kinds), food, great snorkeling and your own personal lounge chair with a thick mat. Who could ask for more in a sunny location.
  6. hjpurcell

    Cruise Director - Monja Salvati

    I am so disappointed to read about this poor cruise director. We are sailing on the Star Clipper next month. Hope she is gone by then. This is our 6th cruise with this line and have been on all 3 ships. Peter was on 2 of our cruises and really made the difference. I wish all CDs could be like he is. Judi
  7. :) I went on the Royal Clipper Grenadine Islands in Jan. 2015 and there were no wet landings while on the ship's tender. There were only wet landings on some of the excursions. Judi
  8. hjpurcell

    JW marriott Dubai

    We are also staying at the Marriott Marquis in the end of April/early May before our cruise. One night in the hotel is included in our cruise package, plus we are doing 2 more nights there. Are you on the Regent cruise? The info and suggestions made here are great. we are thinking about getting a guide thru ToursbyLocals, but have not contacted one yet. There are so many interesting things to do, we cannot possibly fit them all in. But we plan on having a great time there. Judi
  9. We also stayed there. It's location couldn't have been better and the room for 3 was great. My hubby and I were on one side and our granddaughter had a bed on the other side, with the bathroom dividing us. It worked out very well, but it is a bit pricey. But worth it for location and a nice room for 3 people. Judi
  10. I am unfamiliar with them, but we have used smithsforairports.com several different times and found them reasonable and reliable. Judi
  11. hjpurcell

    Nevis Excursion from St Kitts

    We are on the Jan 5 sailing of Sillouette. Are you on the same one? Judi
  12. hjpurcell

    Nevis Excursion from St Kitts

    We are also on a Celebrity ship in January that has this option as a ship excursion. We do like private tours better. Which company are going doing a private tour to Nevis with? Judi
  13. hjpurcell

    Rome Cabs vs. Rome Cab

    I also highly recommend Stefano's RomeCabs. We used him in June for our transfers from airport to hotel both ways and ship to hotel. The drivers were very professional and always there on time. We had used them 3 years ago with great success, so I did not hesitate to do so again and I was pleased that the service was still so great and the price reasonable. And it is so easy to book online. :D Judi
  14. hjpurcell

    Important Update for Dubrovnik City Wall

    I think you confused me with someone else, I am arriving on June 12 when 3 cruise ships are in town. I am on the Noordam. Judi
  15. hjpurcell

    Important Update for Dubrovnik City Wall

    thank you so much for your help. I was wondering whether to get Kuna ahead of time and you have answered most of my questions before I even knew to ask them. I look forward to walking the walls and the town and riding the cable car. The cable car website was great! Should we purchase our cable car tickets on the website before we get there to avoid long lines? Judi