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  1. Complaint to the NYS Attorney General finally got their attention and InsureMyTrip.com refunded my money.
  2. Well....I stepped up my credit card dispute and mailed that out today. Also filed a complaint with the NYS Attorney General. We will see where this goes!
  3. I have the exact same issue with Insuremytrip.com. They intervened with the insurance company on my behalf, however no refund. They offered to extend the insurance to a future trip up to three years.....guess what....after all this COVID-19 stuff I AM NOT TRAVELLING within that timeframe and want a refund. I disputed with my credit card, and after two months of waiting got a "denial" in favor of the merchant. The only thing the merchant said was there was a "14 day free look period" and we are not offering refunds. No goods or services will be rendered for this cancelled (by Carnival not
  4. Here is that article: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/06/norwegian-cruise-line-raises-over-2-billion-to-withstand-well-over-a-year-without-revenue.html
  5. Carnival canceled my cruise. Paid the majority with Gift Cards. Opted for the refund. If they do file a reorganization....can the credit card I used to purchase the gift card(s) have a dispute filed? Non-delivery of services or "defunct" gift card from my perspective and should be eligible for a dispute?
  6. Tried to fill out the refund form this morning. Still only allowing cruises till April 11. Was supposed to allow up to May 10 starting today. Attached is the letter I received stating this. NCL COVID19 LETTER (3).pdf
  7. Can anyone answer what happens if you request a refund and used two CruiseNext certificates? Do they just re-instate the cruise next certificate to your account? TYIA!
  8. Just texted with a friend that is on the Epic and he said 9:00am
  9. You need to check the terms of the booking. Often these include a $99. non-refundable deposit.
  10. Thinking of booking the Canadian/New England cruise from New York on 08/30/2020. I see that the last cruise before this date ends on 08/28/2020 in Miami. I assume the ship will then be re-positioned to NYC (no passengers). Does anyone know why it doesn't leave until 11:00pm on the 08/30/2020 Cruise? Does it arrive into NYC late on 08/30/2020. Thanks in advance!
  11. Yes....various floors have Laundry Facilities.
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