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  1. CruiseNYC Did they find out about the Peritoneal Dialysis after you notified them regarding the shipment of the solutions? We have a March 2022 cruise and I pray and hope that this rule will be eliminated since my husband is on this type of dialysis
  2. To CruiseNYC We had Baxter ship directly to port/ship. We didn't want to start with big heavy boxes in the hotel and then taxi, that's too crazy. Call Baxter about 3 months before you cruise and make arrangements. Baxter will tell you what to take with you All the boxes came and the steward helped us stack it in the closet area of Princess ship. Make sure that you check in early
  3. Asking for hubby. Has anyone here on Peritoneal Dialysis done an Alaska land tour which included cruise. Thinking about land out of Anchorage for 7 nights and then cruise for 7. We've done a cruise while on Dialysis and had the supplies shipped to the ship which is no problem, but how is the land portion handled. Thank you
  4. Thank you, I saved this information, and bookmarked their websites. I hope we can make this trip.
  5. Thank you for a very informative review/explanation. Yes, I would love to find independent excursions.
  6. We booked this one, it's so far away, so who knows if we'll still be interested in this by next year. But I did notice that lots of cabins were already booked.
  7. I’ve lived in Israel and have visited many times. You must do the overnight, as all other historical sites, you need a few weeks, never mind 2 days. Both places are beautiful and seeing cities that are over 2,000 years old is amazing.
  8. Has anyone been on a Canadian/Greenland cruise with Princess? What are your thoughts? We’re avid photographers and not interested in big shopping or beaches. Thanks.
  9. I've searched for more information , but can't find the online chat. I just tried to call Princess and the recording has stated that they are closed on Sunday and only open from 9 - 5 PST, Monday - Saturday. The recording also mentions an online chat, but I can't find this chat anywhere. If you have the online chat information please post. Thank you
  10. Does anyone know where is the Majestic Princess going from Vancouver on September 30, 2021? Thanks
  11. A very similar mess happened to us on the Crown. We met other people with a similar problem. We wasted a whole day trying to straightened it out, the cruise director finally helped, but we were not counted for Guinness Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Yes mostly the service. Food was good, no significant changes to the menus.
  13. Just getting off the Crown. After 17 cruises with Princess this was the most disappointing one. Besides the speed issues, one missed port and three short ports, the service has not been great. I think the staff relies too much on passengers to use the medallion to order anything, especially drinks at all the bars. Often you can sit for a long time till a bar waiter comes to take your order. I felt as though the wait staff was not always available at the Horizon Court. Sometimes I just got my own things as utensils if the table was out of them. The weather was great but the seas were choppy for most of the days. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. No fee, free. Also two drinks and some various discounts.
  15. I’m trying to make sense of this gift certificate. I haven’t approached customer relations yet we are on the Crown and participated in marriage renewal vows ceremony. Received an Effy certificate - see below the wording: “thank you for joining us to celebrate your love and renew your vows. We wish you all the happiness in the world, and many exciting journeys together in honor of your special occasion please enjoy a $250 Effy Jewelry gift certificate from Effy and all of us at Princess Cruises. Bring this card to the Effy store on board to redeem your certificate“ well this was two days ago and just went to Effy. They tell me that the special selection table for this certificate is gone. What special selection? Nothing about this on the certificate. Well maybe later tonight they’ll have some clearance items that I can purchase with this certificate, what?? i want to get a pair of earrings but I can’t use this certificate on any of the items currently in the cases. I’m not buying anything at this point. But, what a scam and Princess must know about this. They’ll have a riot soon, they were about 400 couples who received this certificate
  16. From BBC Six thousand people on board a cruise ship in Italy have been allowed to disembark after health officials said a Chinese passenger who had symptoms of coronavirus had tested negative.
  17. Hello moodyb1, this is Zahav1, I hope you're well and having fun cruising. We cruised together in 2013 and spent time on a Saturday morning in St. Thomas.
  18. I like some of the art and would buy it but not at this auction and not for the price they're asking. I'm pretty sure they have "customers" set up to get the auction started, we saw a couple bid $8,000 on a piece, and it was the first one shown, sort of staged customer. That purchased got the others interested and then they were selling a lot of art. I've visited a few times, set there, but after an hour left, when I passed the auction later, it was still going on for 3 hours. It all seemed very fake.
  19. I'm aware that doing this on your own is better for many reason or taking an Uber or Taxi, etc. But, just wondering for cruisers out there, has anyone taken this particular excursion and did you have enough time at both places, as the Arizona, visitors center and Missouri? Thank you
  20. Has anyone taken this excursion? was there enough time at each memorial? Not sure I want to go if I'll have to rush. Am I better off doing this with a private company?
  21. Received email today" ITINEARY CHANGE Please be advised that Crown Princess is experiencing a technical issue that has resulted in our inability to operate at full speed. While this in no way compromises the safety of our guests and crew, which is our highest priority, our technical experts have determined that we must revise your itinerary. We will no longer call to Grenada on Monday, February 10, 2020, but will instead spend the day at sea. Our call times to Curacao, Bonaire, Grenada and St. Thomas have been amended; please see the revised itinerary for details. In recognition of these changes, each guest will receive a refundable credit of $75 USD applied to their onboard folio. We regret any disappointment these changes may cause, and look forward to welcoming you aboard Crown Princess.
  22. thanks, I'll check my personlizer, we're on this cruise as well
  23. Thank you for all the replies, so much positive information. We would do out of San Francisco, would come a day before since we've been to SF many time, we live in northern VA. I think we'll plan this for next winter of 2021, maybe February or March
  24. Thank you. I’m going to read some of those roll calls
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