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  1. OK, thank you all for clarifying.
  2. My luggage tags arrived and besides all the standard info like sailing date, cabin, etc it has a classification of luggage door A 11. What does this mean? Is it for dropping off luggage? picking up luggage? Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks! I also just purchased it. There must have been a short glitch in their website.
  4. Likewise, just went to buy internet package for June 22 Alaskan cruise on Royal. Was there last week. Gone now. Only ship to shore. Last week it said order up to three days prior to embarkation.
  5. Last week my cruise personalizer had the medallion internet package at $59.99 as an option to purchase prior to 3 days embarkation. Today, when I logged in to make the purchase it no longer shows up. Just a package for ship to shore calling. What in the world???? My embarkation is June 22 on the Royal Princess. What has happened to the internet package?
  6. Is medallion free ? Do you HAVE to have it? Not interested in being tied to my phone all trip. And, it feels a bit intrusive, even though I see there are some perks. I do wonder if all the waiters will be busy running drinking to people sitting on ship ordering from medaliion and service will be non existent for people without. How do you order a medallion? If they want everyone to have one why don't they just ship them out automatically?
  7. We have a choice of three different Denali Tundra Tours: 1) the 8 hour Tundra Wilderness Tour, which we are currently booked on 2) the 5 hour Denali Natural History Tour and 3) the 11-12 hour the Kantishna Experience. Has anyone been on the Natural History or Kantishna tours? Pros and cons? 8 hours seems long bus ride but we do want to see Denali and wildlife. I get the impression the Natural History version has more presentations and less nature and scenery. Thanks for your help.
  8. I did just get an email confirming our Traditional Dining time was moved to 5PM for our Royal Princess cruise to Alaska in June 2019. 5:30 was already a little bit early for us (we usually eat at 7) but we are taking the family which includes two grandchildren so 8:15 was simply too late. There are 10 of us and to ensure we could all eat together at the same time our agent put us in Traditional dinning. With 10 people I am worried about switching and getting wait listed and the whole group getting separated. We already have a problem with some being assigned to a table for 8 and some being assigned to a table for 2 even though all the reservations are linked and we had asked for a table for 10. Not sounding like smooth sailing to me.
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