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    The Truth About Quad Share

    wow thanks for all your replys - the cruise list for 09/10 is coming out this friday for Dawn and im trying to convice hubby for chrissy 09!! - will see how we go eh!! thanks everyone again:)
  2. mards123

    The Truth About Quad Share

    thanks for that - wow the Cherry Blossom so many nights with another couple in the same room!!!! i guess we will be ok with small kids - its just we dont share a room at home if you know what i mean!! :)
  3. Hello. I have been onboard PD - and have seen the size of the quad cabins - and i really was dubious about the size for a family etc!! anyway i just want to know from people who have done it - what its like - it will be 2 adults and 2 kids 6 and 4 !! is there any room at all???? even though i have seen them i just could not imagine spending 10 days in each others pockets - i would love to take a cruise - please convince me that it will be ok!! Thanks in advance Mards