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  1. We have Verizon, just curious how the cell service is down there or if there are easily accessible open hotspots down there? We're looking forward to disconnecting for a bit but wanted to check in with family once we get to Bermuda.
  2. How easy is it to get transportation to Cocoa Reef?
  3. One more question, do they still do formal nights? Our last night we booked dinner at the steak house.
  4. First place I looked. Update: I just looked again and now there are several activities that were not there the other day including the "Dreamworks Character Breakfast", "iFly", and now the "Northstar." All say they now have to be booked on ship. Maybe they were just down for a day while they locked everyone out or something?
  5. We are leaving out of Bayonne and live in NJ so it's not a far drive for us. I was just confused with the North Star reservations because even the Rock show is still listed, but it shows as sold out. The North Star however, is nowhere to be found at all. We already have all our meals booked. I was able to do that a few weeks ago. We only booked the cruise about 3 months ago. This was a surprise for my wife's 40th birthday.
  6. Thanks we're going on the 5-day Bermuda cruise in 2 weeks.
  7. Yep, several times. They never responded. Left several voicemails and emails. This was through BJs. I see on the RC website it says to book the North Star via the Cruise Planner but I don't see it listed anywhere in the CP when I'm logged in.
  8. So we booked our cruise with a travel agent but that was the last we heard from them. I wasn't aware that a bunch of things had to be pre-booked (like dining, entertainment, etc). This is our first cruise in 10 years, it looks a lot has changed. I just found out about booking entertainment so we missed the rock show but did get a ticket for the Cabaret. I was also told by someone who took a previous cruise on the Anthem to do a reservation for the North Star too. However, I don't see that anywhere on the site. How can I book a time in there?
  9. I booked one for her since it's her birthday. I'll see if I can grab a deal for myself once aboard and if not, no biggie.
  10. Should I go to the spa first thing after getting on board to book the port day deals?
  11. Do they still do traditional dining with the same group each night? Only options we had were like normal restaurant dining reservations with time slots. I haven't been on a cruise in 10 years.
  12. Do you recommend booking in advance or waiting until on the ship for any "deals"?
  13. Want to get my wife a nice massage service for her birthday. Can anyone offer suggestions on which to choose? Are any not worth the price?
  14. Which one would you suggest CR or EB?
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