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  1. There was no ketchup the first 2 days on my November 19 sailing. After our first stop in Miami they got some cans, so there was no shortage for the remainder of the cruise. Tea was also a challenge the first couple of days, but luckily after Miami it was taken care of.

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  2. I was also on this cruise (I had to take a cruise before December 31 in order to keep my Diamond Status) It was my cruise#58 and 2nd with MSC and all in all it was a nice relaxing cruise. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Food was much better that on Divina back in 2016. the only thing was that the juices in the morning were watered down way too much. Getting a bag of tea was also challenging some times. As a Diamond member I had a dinner for two at the Steak House, and it was excellent!


    Did not go to any shows, and slept a lot on this cruise. The beds were quite comfortable.


    Only in Nassau I went ashore, but was back after 2 hours.  On debarkation day I could stay till 9 in my cabin which was a huge plus. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, jm2341 said:

    Hello -https://new.mta.info/guides/airports/jfk

    In my humble opinion and based on your signage, if you are arriving into JFK the day of the cruise and scheduled to arrive @ 1030am from the Netherlands, I would seriously consider an Uber or Lyft. Many flights are delayed, you need to clear customs and become familiar with the public train service. For an extra $25 dollars you will arrive at the port within 30 minutes versus up to 2 hours ( total travel and wait time ). Your time frame is tight and the ship won't wait.  Good Luck 




    Arriving from Miami, so no Customs to deal with. European flights mostly arrive in the afternoon. As a matter of fact I clear customs the day before in Aruba.

  4. 3 minutes ago, hallux said:

    The CND's may be, but your booking offers may not be, unless you go through a US travel agent or a US booking site.

    I always go thru a US TA.

     I will send her a mail tomorrow to see what NCL policy is.

  5. 1 minute ago, hallux said:

    I have a feeling you bought CruiseNEXT deposits.  There's usually a limit of one per stateroom unless there's a DoubleUP offer.  Your offers may differ from those in the US.

    That is what I bought CruiseNext. Thought they were the same. My offer is from the USA though.

  6. 5 hours ago, geoff2802 said:

    Thx for the update. 

    Freedom's first cruise from Miami departs Oct 31, 2021.  I can't see them leaving a gap between Navigator's departure and Freedom's arrival, so Navigator isn't freed up until then.   So the 2021 summer West coast deployment doesn't seem to be Navigator.  

    Have I overlooked something? 

    I did not get the idea, that Navigator was leaving. In their advertisement they put Freedom "new ship" , and with Radiance "replaces Explorer" 

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