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  1. I know, but I don't see it sailing any time soon to anywhere. Guess it has to be repaired before it can take passengers again, so will need go to dry dock earlier than planned and hopefully they can accommodate her.
  2. It doesn't look good at all. I see a least next 2 cruises being cancelled, and maybe even an empty TA straight to the dry dock.
  3. Odyssey most probably somewhere in Florida.
  4. I usually arrive around 2 at the terminal. I breeze thru check in!
  5. I don't do MDR. It's either buffet or specialty restaurant. Did 3 nights Izumi which was excellent. About Labadee, I.stayed on the ship so.cant tell.you about that.
  6. Just got off the Jewel today. Was a nice relaxing 5 day cruise. Food was good, but nothing exceptional. Ship can use some love. Romina excellent Concierge.
  7. Can a D+ member use the Concierge Lounge on the Mariner or Jewel?
  8. Thanks. I booked the Nieuw Amsterdam for December 9. Got an amazing deal.
  9. Which is the better one for a Caribbean cruise?
  10. What kind of tea do you get in Lido Buffet? I guess just regular Lipton tea?
  11. Very interesting development with the announcement today of NCL to send Norwegian Joy- which has been built specifically for the chinese market- to sail year round from the west coast in 2019. Wondering how RC will react to this move.
  12. What are the differences between those 2 cabins? which one is bigger and do you get 2 beds or 1 bed and one sofa bed?
  13. They need the MDR real estate to put more cabins on the ship;p
  14. Last month I was able to receive Wapp phone calls on the Regal Princess. My phone was the whole week in airplane mode though.
  15. Could make sense. When Allure goes for her dry dock in 2020 to Europe, she will continue after her European season on to Australia to arrive there for the summer season.
  16. If you expand my signature you can see that even being a D+ member I only took 2 RC cruises last year. I just love to sail on different lines. So far I took 2 this year one on HAL Koningsdam and Regal Princess. Next one will be on the Adventure of the Seas though.
  17. Yes in Rome. Btw they haven't been using the machines in Aruba for a couple of months now.
  18. Actually my sister arrived yesterday in Philly from Rome, and she told me that she had to fill out the customs paper. Guess it's something new, because last time I entered the USA on March 17 ( Aruba Pre Clearance) I didn't have to fill out the blue form. Will see in a couple of weeks.
  19. Correct, but ships coming out of dry dock and not fresh out of the shipyard. The distance is almost double to reach Asia than to do a TA to the States or VV.
  20. I strongly disagree. This will not be the first QM Class that will go to Asia.
  21. Maybe they want to get more people to the buffet, so they can add more cabins where the MDR is right now:p
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