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  1. The whole point of having a service dog is because the human needs the dog ALL THE TIME. So you are actually saying the family shouldn't take a cruise because of the dog. Not your dog (hahahaha!), not your race.
  2. Mullwi - I loved your review, and it was NOT too much information! It helped a lot.
  3. I've looked up renting a golf cart ahead of time. There are a couple of vendors that are charging $90. Since the prices seem to be higher when you book one right off the ship, does it make sense to reserve it before we get on the ship?
  4. Has anyone seen her/on her/pictures since she came out of drydock?
  5. Which dining room is for anytime dining, and which is for set time dining? Thank you!
  6. We loved the cove balcony we had on Magic. Just be sure that your balcony isn't under the galley, or it will be really noisy!
  7. Are these available on shorter cruises? We are on the Freedom November 11, and I'm not seeing anything!
  8. I'm confused. I got the Carnival MasterCard, bought something, paid it off, and got my 20,000 points. I redeemed my point on September 18 for (2) $100 Carnival Digital Gift cards. They sent me an email receipt with a redemption number, which also said 'Standard Delivery' and 'Estimated Delivery Date 7 - 10 business days. So for those of you who have done this before, do I get something in the mail, or are they digital and do I use the Redemption number to redeem them? Thanks in advance for your help! Susan
  9. I'm probably making this harder than it needs to be! 1) I got the Carnival Credit Card, made a purchase, got the 20,000 bonus points. I cashed them in for (2) $100 on-board credits. I can't figure out how to add them to my account for my November cruise. Could someone please explain to me how to do it? Which brings me to: (2) How can I find out how much on-board credits I have? I know what I started with, and what I've added, but I've bought some stuff so don't know what I have left. I'm sure this is relatively easy to do, but I'm not seeing it. Thanks so much!
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