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  1. It may not be absolutely necessary to have a passport. BUT if anything happens so they are not on the ship when it comes back, they won't be able to get back into the US without one. For example: they get sick and get left behind in a port for medical treatment and need to fly home. Or there is an emergency back home and they have to leave the cruise and fly home. You can get back into the US from a cruise ship without a passport, but any other way requires a passport. Just sayin' Have you checked with Carnival to see if you can change the name on the reservation?
  2. Thanks for the advice. We are looking at one of the Fantastica balcony cabins right after the first "hump" - the balconies look HUGE! Example: 10080 or 10087.
  3. I am considering a MSC cruise in November. Has anyone booked the rear facing cabins? What was the experience like? Thanks!
  4. Hope springs eternal, so I'm planning a cruise for my 65th (!) birthday in November. Looking to splurge (maybe) - has anyone booked the Anthem Royal Suite Class Guarantee? What suite did you get? Would you book the guarantee again? Normally I prefer to pick my own cabin, but to pick my own would cost an additional $1000 for two of us. Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies. I'm going to consider it for a while before I make any decisions.
  6. I'm going to be an optimist and believe that we will all be cruising again someday. So.......... Is the Carnival Credit card worth getting? Are the perks pretty good? And.........do you think Carnival will be around long enough to use the perks? Thanks!
  7. Yes, we are finally learning to treat the virus, so fewer people are dying. But just as many, if not more, are still getting sick.
  8. I get that people want to cruise - I do too. I also get that passengers can, to a certain extent, be careful and have SOME social distancing. But what about the crew? Do we care so little for them that it's OK for them to risk their lives so we can go on a cruise?
  9. Please site your source. https://www.hcinnovationgroup.com/finance-revenue-cycle/revenue-cycle-management/news/21151583/kaufman-hall-report-covid19-pandemic-caused-hospital-margins-to-plunge-in-first-half-of-2020
  10. Please cite your specific source regarding extra payment to hospitals for Covid patients. The reality is that many hospitals are having to cut staffing and services due to the resources sucked up by Covid patients. Medicare and Medicaid don't pay proportionately for ICU care the way they do for so-called "elective" surgeries - hip replacements, knee surgeries, carpal tunnel, and the like. It's the elective surgeries that are the cash cows for hospitals, NOT acute care patients. If (and that's a big IF), hospitals are getting any more money for Covid patients, it's because they cost so much to treat.
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