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  1. I can understand that. However, since I'm traveling with a broken right foot, I'm not sure I would have gone off the ship in Freeport anyway. Yep - any day on a cruise is better than a day at work!
  2. To put this succinctly: Your daughter can certainly cruise with her passport card. In the exceedingly remote chance that she has to fly back from one of your ports of call, she may have a problem. I wouldn't be concerned if it were my daughter. BTW - unless you travel out of the country frequently, a passport card makes more sense for someone 16 or under. Passports issued for them are only good for 5 years. Over 16 the passport is good for 10 years.
  3. However, you can only bring back into the US 2 cartons per person. If you bring more back you may be required to pay a tariff.
  4. And the answer is: Overnight Nassau, Thursday as a sea day. Which is fine by me - I love sea days!!
  5. We're on the Liberty on 9/23 and just got notification of the new itinerary. We're staying in Nassau overnight and then having a sea day. Which is fine by me! I love sea days!!
  6. We are also on this cruise and haven't heard. Wherever is fine, I'd just like to know!
  7. Clearly my education is lacking. What is a fishbowl?
  8. Do not try this on your own! A TA specializing in cruises will be so much help and will think of things you never even considered! I love a brick and mortar TA for this. There is nothing like having someone you can actually sit down and talk to!
  9. How will eliminating the Nassau as a port save Carnival money? The passengers pay the port fees, it's close by and cheap to get to. Having a port nearby for the short cruises is a good idea. I'm not really sure having a piece of soggy pasta in a drink will go over really well.
  10. We are scheduled on the Liberty 4 day on September 23rd. The current itinerary is sea day, Nassau, Freeport. I'm expecting that Freeport won't be repaired by then. What do you think the new itinerary will be?
  11. Why is it when someone asks a question and are told it's against the law, there are a whole string of ya but!'s? This is where we get the reputation of "ugly Americans". You are traveling to another country and are therefore subject to their laws. It doesn't matter what you think - it is what it is. If you don't agree with the rules, don't go there. People seem to spend way more time trying to figure out how to circumvent the rules than it would take to just go along with them.
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