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  1. Holy cow the cruise bargains are amazing! I know lots of people are cancelling their trips, but these bargains are really hard to turn down. Here's my question: My passport expired in February. (I know, I know - I'm kicking myself). If you need to fly home from The Bahamas, is a driver's license and birth certificate sufficient? Thanks!
  2. I don't believe they will cancel any cruises. This is a different situation from when a ship has mechanical or other physical issues - the cruise MUST be cancelled because it is unsafe to sail it. In this situation, it would be extremely expensive to cancel a cruise and just have a ship sitting there. There are contracts to the crew, for restocking the ship, and other fixed costs. So even if the ship is only say 25% full, it is still getting SOME revenue. My daughter and I sailed (thru a hurricane!) the first weekend in November right after 9/11. In spite of the huge drop of tourists at the time, cruises were not being cancelled. If I were in a position to do so, I would be booking a cruise right now!
  3. Seriously? I had a cabin on the Liberty in September and the balcony had serious rust. It really makes one wonder about how well the ship is being maintained.
  4. Five months later I've been thinking about this cruise. It comes down to a really bad cabin experience and that colored the rest of the cruise. Looking back, I should have requested that the head steward for our part of the ship to come to the cabin so I could explain the issues. Unfortunately on a four day cruise, you don't want to have to take the time for that. And I kept expecting it would be taken care of - I didn't have this experience on previous Carnival cruises. And thanks everyone for your supportive responses.
  5. No, I wasn't expecting white glove treatment at all. I've cruised on 5 different lines, and am realistic about what Carnival can provide. However, the cabin should be clean - seeing dust everywhere to the point of having to brush off clothes is over the top. The balcony was disgusting and never cleaned. This was the dirtiest cabin I've ever had in my 14 cruises!
  6. No, I didn't get the aft balcony - the reminder of how far away they are from everything made that decision for me! Yes, the majority of the issues revolved around a cabin that wasn't taken care of and a steward who didn't seem to notice or care. Since I was not 100% physically, I spent quite a bit of time in my cabin. And when you can't go back to your nice quiet CLEAN cabin, it does affect how you feel about everything else. Yes I could have called guest services for glasses in the bathroom and for someone to come and really clean our cabin or give us another one. The point is: I shouldn't have to. This cruise wasn't BAD, it just wasn't all that great.
  7. This cruise was a disappointment. My daughter and I enjoyed our cruise (she loved it!) but it was lacking in many ways. Let me note that I was on a knee roller having broken my foot in early August, so there were a lot of things we didn't do and places we didn't go. Also - this is my 14th cruise on 4 different lines. So.... The excellent: I can't say enough about our wonderful servers in the MDR's. Sharme at dinner and June and Rosie for breakfast were the best!! Those meals were the highlights of our days! Embarkation: Check-in was easy and I had a wheelchair escort - everyone was very helpful! Fellow passengers! Everyone was so helpful and thoughtful when I was trying to get around the ship. (Note: Don't break your dominate foot six weeks before a cruise) Kiss On The Lips The cabin was decorated with our bon voyage package when we arrived The good: NoNo was a great cruise director and kept the ship hopping Music in the main atrium was great, altho I don't ever remember hearing Led Zeppelin played by a string quartet before. Towel animals every day The OK: The food, except for that wonderful lava cake, was hit or miss. We had late seating in the Golden Olympian and a few things were delicious but most of the main courses were just ok. The braised dishes tasted alike and I couldn't tell if it was beef or lamb! Frozen broccoli florets were on almost every dinner plate. Seriously people? Appetizers were better altho my ceasar salad was pretty watery the first night and one night it took 50 minutes to get them. My daughter REALLY enjoyed the seared tuna appetizer - all three plates of it! The pizza was pretty good. Because of my mobility issues, we didn't eat at any of the other venues. The bad: Our cabin was dirty and the balcony was so covered with salt I didn't really want to go out there. The glass door to the balcony and the glass on the balcony itself was so dirty and clouded you could hardly see thru it. There was visible rust and paint peeling on the sea-edge. The bathroom shelves were covered in dust, as were most of the other surfaces. I had to dust off clothes that we had put in the cabin drawers. In fact, the cabin looked like it hadn't been used for at least a couple of weeks. We hardly saw our room steward and it took until the second full day of the cruise to get the shower stool I requested. The cushions on the couch showed significant wear and tear and there were stains on the carpet. All in all the cabin was just really sad and needs a major overhaul. I am well aware that I could go to guest services for a lot of this but having been on several cruises I kept expecting the cleaning to get done. <sigh> Since it was a 4-day cruise, by the time I figured out nothing was being done, the cruise was almost over. Also, because of my broken foot and being in pain, just getting to guest services seemed like an ordeal. Two "I know you're cutting costs, but seriously" category: 1) Only one chair on the balcony? If you promote your balconies as a wonderful private place, you oughta have a chair for each person. The room steward looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for another chair. 2) What's with no drinking glasses in the bathroom? And finally, a couple of comments on ship design. Putting the galley in the middle of the ship with no way to get from one end of the ship to the other on that deck is a BAD IDEA. A REALLY bad idea. And am I the only one to find the decor on the Liberty incongruent with the name of the ship? This was my third Carnival cruise, but there's a pretty good chance it will be my last.
  8. Just remember - if it is a specific place you want to visit, don't rely on a cruise as ports can change even after the cruise starts. However, that's not the same as just looking at someplace different while cruising.
  9. I can understand that. However, since I'm traveling with a broken right foot, I'm not sure I would have gone off the ship in Freeport anyway. Yep - any day on a cruise is better than a day at work!
  10. To put this succinctly: Your daughter can certainly cruise with her passport card. In the exceedingly remote chance that she has to fly back from one of your ports of call, she may have a problem. I wouldn't be concerned if it were my daughter. BTW - unless you travel out of the country frequently, a passport card makes more sense for someone 16 or under. Passports issued for them are only good for 5 years. Over 16 the passport is good for 10 years.
  11. However, you can only bring back into the US 2 cartons per person. If you bring more back you may be required to pay a tariff.
  12. And the answer is: Overnight Nassau, Thursday as a sea day. Which is fine by me - I love sea days!!
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