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  1. No I don't. They allocate the tips, I pay them. However, if we request a Particular team several nights for anytime then we often will because we requested them due to great service.
  2. Bahamas in general other than private islands. For me, it's the pushy people. I've never felt so harassed. It's way worse than Ensenada which I used to think was awful. (Chicle, lady?) And it's boring and Nassaua is overpriced and overcrowded.
  3. I'm super curious who receives that 18% fee.
  4. It's so hard to be snarky about punctuation when you then spell a word incorrectly. 😉
  5. Maybe they cashed out because the casino was disgustingly smokey. 177 smokers doing serious gambling sounds problematic. I gamble far more in Vegas than I do on the ships. Unless I'm downtown. Same problem with the ship and the older casinos in Vegas. No ventilation. I like to gamble, I don't like the headaches I get from poorly ventilated casinos.
  6. Wow. That's a lot of money. I have gotten it twice before. Early on when it was $50 and we really enjoyed having drinks and lunch on our balcony away from the crowds and another time when we thought one member of our party might need a rest time before 1:00. No way would I pay even $89. In my experience, with the new check in times, check in and boarding has been quick and easy. We have walked up, gotten through security and the little check in kiosks and straight on board. It's been really fantastic.
  7. Id like to know why the poll options are so limited. Especially for drinking at home. I'm pretty sure no one who has a normal lifestyle (job, family, bills to pay, basic life expectations) is having ten drinks or more per day at home. That is just silly. I never reached ten alcohol drinks even on the ship with Cheers. But we kept track, and including water and coffees, plus the bottled iced tea at the coffee shop, we easily broke even. And the freedom of being able to try anything I wanted was really great.
  8. I'd be concerned about this on an airplane as the FAA specifically prohibits the use of boosters or safety harnesses on aircraft. And just FYI for anyone else, the Ride Safer website also says it is for children 3 years and 30lbs or more.
  9. Thank you so much for this review. Our cruise has really dull shore excursion offerings and as I am traveling with two friends who have never cruised before, I wanted to give them a better experience. Did you just take a taxi to get there?
  10. Wow. This is incredibly rude and condescending. This woman is 42 years old and it seems has been living in the world her whole life. It's obvious she doesn't expect complete privacy. She asked a question and others were able to advise her.
  11. You have probably thought of this already, but often ships that leave from the same port, shadow each other through the itinerary. You might run into their friends in port. Who knows, maybe you could do a group excursion together!
  12. The Breeze out of Fort Lauderdale seals it for me too. Esp since you have never been on a cruise before. Love the ship and strongly prefer Fort Lauderdale to Miami.
  13. When did they change the parking garage time and WHY? We sailed out of LB in Feb and were on the ship long before noon. That's crazy.
  14. Because of the angle of that photo, the water looks closer to me than it actually is. We had two cove balconies several years ago on the Breeze. We loved them and they would be our first choice on a ship with coves in the future. But we weren't under the galley, so I can't speak to that. Hey--it's a free cruise. How bad can it be? 😉
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