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  1. That is about exactly what I order from room service in the mornings. So lovely to relax and enjoy on the balcony. Either that or a toasted bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam.
  2. That is one of my husband’s favorites. Can you share the recipe you use? Weve been making the Deal Closer since John posted the recipe.
  3. No. It’s called the armed forces. I am baffled that you can’t tell the difference.
  4. My fear these days for anything less than a balcony, is that IF you get quarantined for any reason, an inside cabin would be awful. I won’t even be booking an ocean view for the foreseeable future. Because, as you say, you might get stuck with what you book. I’m not much of a gambler.
  5. This was my thought as well. My husband’s boss would laugh in his face if he gave him that kind of vacation hold. And even if the boss allowed it, his fellow employees would be irate. Can’t take a vacation in July or August because John Smith “might be gone.” I don’t think so,
  6. At four, she can go to the kids club which is usually open in port.
  7. I guess I’m glad my “new PVP” contacted me last week after all. I had the same one for years but apparently she left the company. I’m sad. She was great. This guy sounds like a dud but it’s better than waiting on hold forever.
  8. I seriously doubt your governor is going to allow them to sail. San Francisco is closed for a linger time. I’m betting he’ll close LongBeach and San Diego as well. So my cruise is within the cancelled dates—Liberty June 15th. But I haven’t received an email and I haven’t been able to log into my cruise manager account page for at least a week. I get a “working on it” message. Do you have to rebook right away or can I wait awhile and see what happens?
  9. OBC is meant to be used on board. If instead, you keep the credit on your sail and sign account and then cash it out via casino, that would be “incorrect.” As a shareholder, you shouldn’t want the company to lose money. When using OBC for drinks, gift shop, even casino, it doesn’t really cost the company $100. If you take it out as cash, it does.
  10. I was wondering why you told us about an expired offer. 😉
  11. You have a great style of writing. I love the comment about the captain possibly giving you Italian food recommendations.
  12. I totally agree that limiting their payouts is a good strategy. Less passenger complications to deal with.
  13. I think this is going to need to be the reality of cruising for quite awhile to come. I personally would feel more safe with those measures in place.
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