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  1. In Feb (the first week, maybe the 5th?) I am setting sail on the Conquest with my super fun friend for 4 days of relaxation and fun. We have a bowling alley balcony cabin and that is where I will be if I’m not at a bar. 🙃 Or Serenity on a port day. We went on this same cruise but on Victory same weekend last year. We’re looking at making it a tradition.
  2. What gets me is that she couldn’t have brought this up sometime in the last SIX MONTHS??? Her timing sucks and is rather suspect IMO.
  3. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us and taking the time to report what the changes are like.
  4. This has been a delightful read! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I don’t want it to end! I love your attitudes and feel the same way about restrictions. IMO they are not unreasonable and if it means I can cruise, I’m all for it.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I will be in Florida for the month before my next cruise which is not where I normally live so I’ve been wondering how I will be able to get tested. This looks like an option. I would prefer to not go on ship sponsored excursions, but it is not a deal breaker. We have done a few that were really excellent—Grand Turk in particular. My cruise scheduled for Feb goes to Key West (in theory) where I don’t plan to get off anyway and Cozumel. We loveSafe Tours Cozumel or going to Nachi, but I am sure we will find something to do. The thing I am not looking forward to is walking around in the heat of Coz wearing a mask. Blech.
  6. Might want to double check their refund policy. The cruises that are sailing right now are not allowing independent shore excursions. Im waiting until we know more about what cruising may look like. Booked for Feb 1st and hoping to sail.
  7. How exciting! Enjoy your cruise. And thank you for sharing your travels with us.
  8. We had Wee Jimmy twice and really like his approach and style. Also had Cookie once and will avoid him in the future. Seemed like his favorite thing was just to get guests on stage to make them look foolish. We saw it several times. One of the couples for L&M was a lesbian couple and he made it SO awkward. They really rolled with it but instead of just changing the questions to spouse, he made a big deal every time it was “husband.” Granted some questions don’t work without a guy, but he managed to make it very uncomfortable. Plus his announcements are far more annoying than any other CD. One of my favorites was last Feb on Victory and I can’t remember his name. Funniest Love and Marriage show ever!
  9. Same. I really don’t care. I have a cruise booked for Feb 1st and I’m crossing my fingers, toes and everything else that it sails. Going to Key West (in theory ) and not planning to get off the ship anyway. Then Cozumel where I would rather do a private tour but I don’t mind doing a ship one if it means I can cruise.
  10. I’m very impressed and pleased that MSC stuck to its rules. Good for them. In this time of need for serious precautions they showed these people, and everyone else, that they are indeed serious. That family decided to basically put the future of cruising at risk for their own wants. Bye bye!
  11. I moved my credit from a cancelled June cruise to Feb 1, 2021. I wasn’t concerned at the time but now I’m thinking it’s a 50/50 chance we will sail. We are in a balcony specifically in case we get quarantined. (One of the double/sideways rooms.) We are bringing our own soda and some various snacks just in case. Plus lots of books, some cards, etc. Supposedly stopping in Key West but not planning to get off the ship anyway. Hoping we make it to Cozumel but we both know we may not. If this one cancels, I’ll rebook for winter of 22.
  12. I’m glad you got a cabin you are happy with. I was curious if I was reading your comment correctly though. You feel you experience MORE ship movement when you are lower? Most people I know experience the opposite.
  13. I would assume they wouldn’t all be in favor of it. A 30% decrease in a significant portion of their budget can pay for a lot of roads, police, street sweepers etc.
  14. And the spending per person I believe is averaged over the number of people on each ship. Plenty of people don’t even get off the ship thus not making their streets more crowded. But those people, including crew a lot of whom NEVER get off the ship there still pay taxes. I would assume 33% of the tourism budget affects a lot of jobs.
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