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  1. It's been a few years since we've cruised out of Galveston and just booked for next April. On prior visits to the Galveston port it seems to me trying to pull up to where the porters are to drop off bags could be a LONG process with cars backed up. Has that changed?
  2. We just had the package added to our cruise and the other two couples cruising with us for our Mar 2018 cruise we booked last month. When I contacted my TA I was told they had to have cabins in our category available (aft balcony) which they did, and that if there had been a price increase since we booked we could be charged a higher price - there wasn't. So we got the package added at no cost.
  3. We have done the Canada/New England cruise 5 times - all in the Oct time frame. The only time we hit any motion to speak of was whatever day they used to get to the starting/ending point - say we start in NY and the first port was in Canada and we worked our way back from there. That first day (on the way to Canada) they went further out and at a higher speed - the rest of the time it was just meandering down the coast line.
  4. Yesterday morning we (and two other couples cruising with us) were able to book the cabins we wanted on the 14 day Circle Caribbean cruise departing 18 Mar 18. The prices had already appeared on the Princess webpage so I knew what to expect when our TA called :-)
  5. Pretty much the same as "What do I do with leftover wine..."
  6. LOL - well Princess just called! Actually it was an email - offering a bump up to a min-suite for $199 each. Since we are in one of the coveted aft facing corner balcony cabins (C753) that extra balcony space means more to me than the benefits of a mini. For $99 I might have considered it - actually my DW would have - I prefer the balcony. I declined.
  7. We have 14 cruises with Princess (#15 next month) and we have only had an upsale offer once - but it turned out to be a dandy. We had booked an aft facing balcony cabin that I love. We got a call asking if we'd upgrade to a mini-suite at no cost. I voted no, my DW voted yes. We accepted the offer and received a good AB mini. A few weeks before the cruise we received another call asking us if we'd accept a full suite for $99 each - we grabbed it and ended up in the suite right next to the aft facing balcony cabin we had originally booked :-) We're a month away from our next cruise, in an aft facing balcony cabin...call us Princess! :-)
  8. Being one cruise away from Elite.... :-) Wish I could find a cruise we want to go on - we have FCCs so maybe I'll grab a cruise out of Houston before they leave there - just in case.
  9. The Houston Port really has been the easiest one we've encountered. If there are any disabled veterans involved - they offer free parking at the port.
  10. I'm sure it does - we just never go that early that we have to wait in a lounge - so far :-)
  11. They changed the wording a year or more ago and eliminated the "friends" from going with you - but on our last several Princess cruises our friends laughed at us as they got through their line a lot faster than we did :-)
  12. That's where we ate a week ago. We had ribs, chicken, rice, and a few other things (that everyone but me ate - so I'm not sure what they were) and the cost was about $12 a couple. It was very tasty.
  13. We just did the same thing a week ago - our tour guide gave us the option and we elected to stop on the way to town and had a great meal for a lot less than what we would have paid in town!
  14. I went to the bottom of the web page under "other information" and clicked on Captains Circle and all the info appeared to be there.
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