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  1. Our cruise leaves on 12-27-19 out of Nuremberg and was wonder if they keep the Christmas lights and decorations up through out most of Europe until New Years Eve? Thanks
  2. I just called and they said yes the luggage would go through. Thanks for all the information, it is very helpful.
  3. I booked it all on AA web site and called to make sure our luggage went through and they said yes. I think I will call again to make sure. On the way back we are flying from Budapest and it is BA to LHR and AA to DFW.
  4. Yes, it is all on 1 ticket. It is all through AA. The first leg is on AA 777-300(77W) and next two legs on Lufthansa
  5. This will be our first time to fly business class overseas. We are going to Nuremberg from Dallas (DFW), we have two stops, one in London (LHR) and Munich (MUC). In LHR we have a 2 hour and 15 minutes layover, and in MUC we have 1 hour and 50 minutes layover. When we get to London, we will fly Lufthansa from LHR to MUC and then to NUE. I have a few questions? Are the layovers enough time at both airports? When we go through security at LHR and MUC is there an exclusive line for business class? Which will get us through quicker. Can we use the lounge areas at all airports and what lounge areas can we use since we are flying both AA and Lufthansa? Any tips on what to do and not to do? Thanks for any information.
  6. Right now we are booked with Meraviglia in the YC deluxe suite and noticed today that there are some some YC deluxe suites available on the Seaside. I was wonder which ship would be better? Also the Seaside is $200 cheaper. I am thinking maybe the Seaside, because the ship is made for the Caribbean. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thank you for the information. We went with the YC, because there is just the 2 of us.
  8. Thanks for the information. We have sailed RCCL, NCL, Princess, Viking river cruise and Carnival. We haven't had a bad cruise, but like RCCL the best. MSC looks inviting and we though we would give it a try.
  9. If I read this right, YC gets pretty much everything.
  10. How much do you get per drink? Like on RCCL you get up to $13 and then you just pay the difference.
  11. We just booked MSC Meraviglia and our cabin is Yacht Club Deluxe Suite. We are new to MSC but have cruised other cruise lines. We have few questions and any information would be greatly appreciated. 1. Is the drink package in the Yacht Club Deluxe Suite the PREMIUM PLUS PACKAGE and if so, does that include Specialty Coffees like Frappuccino or café latté? Also where do you get the specialty coffees? 2. Do they have seats reserved for the shows like RCCL does? 3. Does the room service include cooked to ordered breakfast? 4. Who all do you tip extra and how much? I am guessing you tip butler extra? 3. We will be on a New Years Eve cruise this year and was wonder what all do they do on New Years Eve. Again, thanks for all the help. I know we will have more question before the cruise. lol
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