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    Board ship then leave

    According to the PC web site... http://www.portcanaveral.org/cruising/parking.php So I would say if you just told the gate guard that you were only needing to park long enough to do the boarding paperwork and then return the rental car, they would be ok with that. I would call ahead first to make sure. Canaveral Port Authority P.O. Box 267 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 Phone: (321) 783.7831 Fax: (321) 783.4651
  2. I say to the original review writer... Had you done your homework and researched the cruise ahead of time you would have know that, 1)You can stay with your children during all their activites and make it a "family" thing 2) Your children can order whatever they wich from the kids or adult menus. 3) Activites are listed on your navigator paper which is available at Guest relations and should be delivered to your room each morning. 4) I would make a safe bet that you were at the 2nd seating dinning. The 1st seating is more geared toward families and children. Aside from any of that. I don't think anyone can give a valued review from a one time experience of anything. After your 2nd or 4th cruise with DCL then I will take your review to mind.