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  1. Really enjoying your review and glad you had a blast!! we are sailing on ecstasy in a few days Whoo hoo!
  2. ntodowell

    Yay! Single Digit Dance

    Ditto!!! only 5 days untill we set sail....Can't wait!! :D
  3. ntodowell

    Ecstasy Review - October 16th, 2010

    I loved your review it was so detailed and quite informative...DH and I will be on the ecstasy in 7 days and we can't wait...thanks for all the info!
  4. ntodowell

    Live from the Ecstasy!!!!

    have a great time!! we will be on the Ecstasy for the first time in November and can't wait!!:)
  5. ntodowell

    Website with cabin reviews

    It is most likely http://cruiseclues.com/..the site has a teal background also tons of reviews :D
  6. Hello Boise although we love cruising and two weeks would be great..that cold weather is scary to me....We would love to do a group cruise with some friends from all over, wouldn't that be nice! 2 weeks is a long time without a meeting and getting together with some other friends on the same cruise would be helpful to stay focused ...i hope you can gather up some friends for this because it would be so uplifting....
  7. ntodowell

    cozumel beach

    We loved Nachi Cocum!!! it was soo private and relaxing...would go back in heartbeat!!!:)
  8. I understand how you feel, I was on that same sailing and got the dreaded email on Jan 26th. My mother was going with me and she did not receive the email about the cancellation untill a week after me...ridiculous:rolleyes: that i had to tell her a week before the cruiseline notified her thatt her sailing was cancelled....I do realize they have a lot of people to contact but when something like this happens they really should get on it!!! a week could mean the difference between someone purchasing airline tickets, hotels, etc...sometimes money can be saved by a proper notification...then 3-4 weeks for a refund:mad:
  9. I sail also on the 18th...this is a real bummer if they do not get this issue fixed..I convinced 4 other first time cruisers to go on this ship with DH and I, this is not going to look good as it being my suggestion....:o
  10. ntodowell

    Just returned from Destiny

    Thanks for sharing your experience....I like the fact that you tell the positive and the negatives of your trip.. I will be sailing on February 18th.
  11. ntodowell

    New Carnival website site sucks!!!!

    It really is bad!! All I receive is a blank page when trying to look at deck plans....not good at all....had to go to Priceline just to look at a deck plan...:(
  12. ntodowell

    Just completed Fun Pass, now what!?

    ME!!!! I do not leave untill February, and already started packing...Just super excited!!! Can not stand the wait...:)
  13. ntodowell

    Just off the Dream 11/15/09 Never Again

    I totally agree, I do not understand why when someone gives there experience: it's just that their experience, everyone has to combat back and forth with all the teasing comments...If that is the experience they had so be it, is it actually hurting any of us? No i wouldn't think so! We all have been somewhere and didn't get the best service, but it was truly our experience. Let people share their views without all the negative comments...Everything that gets posted on the Carnival board is not going to always be positive, because no cruise line is perfect!!!:rolleyes:
  14. ntodowell

    No more "free" Iced Tea or Chocolates???

    Oh, I hope not I just convinced my Mom and dad and four of our friends to go cruising, as DH and I have always cruised alone...I have told them soo many things to expect or look forward to....
  15. ntodowell

    My husband thinks I'm crazy but...

    Oh, my husband thinks the same thing about me!! although our cruise isn't untill February, i still am going to put things away in the suitcase as I do every year that I am putting summer clothes away!! Go for it, this makes it more exciting:)