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  1. Can you keep an eye out on what they are doing for bottled versus canned water? We have the beverage package in December, and in the past they handed out small bottled waters at the bar. For a while they were talking about switching to cans, and I'd love to know what's on the Marnier these days, Amy
  2. Thanks, these pictures are really helpful. Maybe we will be happier over on the side
  3. She is worried it be stuffy and not "feel" like it's a balcony since they go up so high
  4. Hi folks, I'm hoping to get info from someone who has been in one of the new front facing balconies (1100, 1102, 1104, 1150, 1152) that were added when Navigator and Voyager were amped. I've been able to find videos online for the new junior suites on 11, but nothing showing the balconies in the very front. It looks like the balcony is extra deep and can accommodate lounge chairs, but my travel companion is very worried about the plexiglass wind screens. I was hoping someone might have been in one to give some feedback. amy
  5. It likely depends on the specific charter. For example, I do the full ship star trek charter each year and the whole point is the specilaized entertainment, so none of the regular production shows
  6. Yeah, and the "emergency" number they provided just put me on hold forever and then transfered me to a regular booking agent. Frustrating all around. If they would have let me fly in a day early, it would have been fine, so I'm glad you have that option!
  7. Alas, NCL is not "taking all the risks" when they book the airfare on this deal. I missed my connecting flight due to a 4 hour weather day, and missed embarking in Barcelona a few weeks ago. I met the ship in Naples, but NCL was absolutely no help (and they did nothing to get me to the next port), even though they did the flights. I "saved" by doing the cruise air, but not at all worth it from my opinion.
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