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  1. roothy123

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    I always book excursions online using myvikingjourney.com. Once you book a cruise, you enter your booking number and it shows information for you. When it's time to book excursions, you can do that, city by city. For included excursions, note that there's a drop down arrow (or something like that!) which, when pushed, shows you what times are available. I think you might be able to board the ship and do all of the excursions at once, but I've never done that, so someone else will need to chime in. The last I looked, Viking wasn't very specific about when you could board the ship. However, there's a LOT of work going on in a short amount of time that day, so we normally shoot for boarding the ship around 1 or so. But I don't know when is actually "too early" for them. (I suppose if it's way too early, you'll just sit in the port terminal!) We just take our carry ons with us and go up the World Cafe, aft. If it's nice weather, we'll just chill up there at an outdoor table, or in the Explorers Lounge until the magic "room access" time rolls around!
  2. roothy123

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    Haven't had a PS, but for deluxe cabins we've had, the luggage has always been in our room by the time Viking indicates access to the deluxe rooms is possible. We usually check into the ship (well, the terminal), get lunch on the ship at the World Cafe or nearby Grill if open, and go to our cabin at the promised access time. Viking puts your luggage inside the room.
  3. roothy123

    Trivial Question on Oceania Club Benefits - Silver

    I'll check and if the dates in My Account don't make sense, I'll call. I need to call, anyway. My husband wants to know why there's a crib requested for our room, according to the TA's cover sheet! I think I've seen only one or two babies on Oceania so far, and WE certainly aren't traveling with one! I'm a bit amused by the thought of putting a crib in an inside cabin.....
  4. roothy123

    Trivial Question on Oceania Club Benefits - Silver

    I did, at least, check the cruise credits I would get doing things both ways. The number of credits was the same.
  5. roothy123

    Trivial Question on Oceania Club Benefits - Silver

    Oh, and I checked my paperwork again, and they DO reflect the caps and tote bags. The TA just didn't list them on his cover sheet.
  6. roothy123

    Trivial Question on Oceania Club Benefits - Silver

    I didn't, as I wasn't aware that was the case. But when I had made a phone inquiry to Oceania about a few cruises, I was told there was a B2B discount. When I booked with my TA, I asked if he could get the discount. He had to call O to do so, but did it. The price went down (I think by about 10%, but I forget), and there's a "bonus savings" reflected on each cruise that I assume is for B2B or Connoisseur's Club TA discount. However, I'm now scratching my head, as the cancellation, final payment, and dinner reservation dates are almost 2 1/2 months apart. I was going to ask about that.
  7. Doing my first B2B. First cruise is 16 nights; second is 14. We go B2B in Sydney, Australia. My questions are: Will we have to do another muster drill? Will we have to get off the ship and get back on? I remember reading that on some cruises, lines, or ports, this is the case. Our B2B port is Sydney. Or do we simply turn in our new key card and get a new one? Anything else I should know?
  8. roothy123

    Trivial Question on Oceania Club Benefits - Silver

    I'm jealous. Wish I had gotten the old amount.
  9. roothy123

    Trivial Question on Oceania Club Benefits - Silver

    Well, a few weeks ago I booked 2 cruises (back to back, though Oceania doesn't really really think of them that way or call them that) for December 2019/Jan. 2020. For the first cruise my invoice says we will receive (from O for silver status) $250 OBC, paid gratuities, and bottle of wine. For the second cruise it lists the same things. Doesn't mention tote bag or hat, but I really don't care about those. I was just curious about them. Maybe they'll throw those in later; who knows?
  10. roothy123

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    Just wanted to mention that the phone number of your ship is printed on your key card. Therefore, you don't really need to write it down. If you get lost, have trouble, or think you'll be late getting back, don't hesitate to call the ship - although lateness is, of course, frowned upon and can be quite disruptive, so I always make sure I allow plenty of time to get back. But if something happens and you're really nervous about getting back, you should definitely call.
  11. roothy123

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    Today I was reading a review of Viking Ocean ships in a Berlitz book on cruises and the author mentioned "against the flow" swimming in the warm salt water pool on Viking. After several trips to the spa and use of the pool there (multiple cruises), I was sitting in the (calm) pool when someone came and asked if I minded if he turned on the "flow" (or whatever it's called). I said no, so he reached down and pushed a button I hadn't noticed before - probably because I don't wear glasses in a pool or spa! So a small tip for the spa area is this: If you're the only one using the salt water pool in the spa, check to see what the water looks like before you get in the pool, decide if you want to feel like a salmon swimming upstream or not, and push/don't push the button based on your decision.
  12. roothy123

    East Coast to Bali

    Hopefully the OP won't mind me asking for some info on this thread, as I am also looking to travel from the U.S. east coast (DCA/IAD/BWI) to Bali in mid-December, and positively dreading the idea of hunting for flights. We want business class, at least for the longest legs, but aren't tied to a particular airline. We would probably like to break up the flight by flying first to the west coast, spending a night, and traveling onward the next day. However, if we could find flights that aren't too grueling timewise, it wouldn't be necessary to do a stopover. We would consider a consolidator, but are wondering if there are any pitfalls for that. Unless we flew back to Bali to go home, we would need flights back home from Auckland in mid-January. We have been saving Capital One rewards for an eternity and would like to use those, but I'm not entirely sure yet how they work. I believe, however, that we just pay for flights and then get reimbursed. Any suggestions?
  13. roothy123


    Thank you. We are going to Bali in December, as we board our cruise ship there. We haven't yet booked our flights (I dread that) but I don't think we're going to have more than two days in Bali to sightsee. Therefore, I will be looking for a tour guide/driver and will contact Dewa. Do you know if he could pick us up from the Benoa area and take us to Ubud? We don't yet know where we'll be staying, and I am wondering if we should stay in Benoa, Ubud, or split the time between the two. I also don't know what we'll want to see, although the Royal Palace and rice fields sound like they would be right up my alley. I love photography. What a wonderful story you've told - thanks.
  14. roothy123

    What would you do?

    Glad to hear that; was wondering about that. I waited too late to even try that, but next time I cruise on Viking, I'll be more organized/prepared. Their offer was good for a while after we got home, but not long enough to cover my indecision!
  15. roothy123

    What would you do?

    Well, I suppose the original person is already on his/her cruise, so it doesn't matter. However, I just wanted to add that I didn't think the onboard quotes we got were "weak" - and I wished we had booked on board. But I suppose everyone's experience and expectations are different. Actually, I wish we had researched cruises before we went, so that I could have asked for quotes on the cruise we ultimately decided we wanted. I waited too long to research and decide after we got back, and are now paying more for what we booked. Normally I feel it's better to jump on something once you decide you want it, especially since we're looking for a lower-priced cabin category. Viking books up quickly, and I don't want to be disappointed.