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  1. The ferry transit time is about 15 minutes. The ferry timetable can be found here (first page) "Ma-pe" mans Monday to Friday, "La ja Su" means Saturday and Sunday. https://www.hsl.fi/sites/default/files/uploads/lautta-3_sivua_10.pdf
  2. Not sure you'll have the time for Skansen as it is quite huge and the distance from Vasa is longer than it looks on a map (some 15 -20 minutes walk to the main gate?). The road from Vasa to Gamla Stan is beautiful with the harbour on one side and elegant old buildings on the other (the area having the most expensive housing prices in Sweden). At the end of the bay I recommend you follow Hamngatan to Kungsträdgården (the King's Garden), through that park past the Opera house at Gustaf Adolf's torg (square) and then take either Norrbro bridge or Riksbron bridge to Gamla Stan.
  3. See this old topic with lots of pictures: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1070531-entering-stockholm-via-archipelago-what-is-it-like/
  4. Seeing that Jade has a length of 965 ft / 294 m it restricts the options. For Helsinki that would mean West Harbour or Hernesaari: https://www.portofhelsinki.fi/en/contacts-and-maps/map-cruise-quays For Stockholm I think it would mean Nynäshamn?
  5. As said the ferry is part of the Helsinki region public transport and thus the same tickets as the buses, trams etc. So if you for example buy a local traffic day ticket it is valid for the ferry as well. The waterbus on the other hand us handled by a private company. The ferry will take you to the main quay. the waterbus to Artillery Bay or to the King's Gate. see map: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/frantic/suomenlinna/2018/06/ENG_suomenlinna_karttapohja_2018.pdf
  6. Recommended brands: Finland: Karl Fazer (pronounced "fat-sir") Sweden: Marabou Estonia: Kalev
  7. Bus 17 only goes with long intervals. Instead I recommend you get off bus 14 at stop "Tehtaanpuisto/Fabriksparken", that would be the 7th stop. It's next to a church with a high tower. Then continue forward along tehtaankatu street about 30 yards to the tram 3 stop in front of a old yellow house (Eira hospital). The #3 tram will take you direct to the Market Square. Exit at stop "Kauppatori/Salutorget". Note it will change number to #2 on the way in case you want to return the same way.
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