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  1. berlingo

    Limelight Club

    The only evening I would not prebook for would be the first. This is because they often do a much discounted price on the night. We happened to be passing the club and they offered us the deal. We had already booked for a special occasion later in the cruise but decided to take the offer as well. It was a really nice way to spend the first evening.
  2. berlingo

    How does P&O compare with Cunard, please?

    Room service is charged. The exception being continental breakfast which is complimentary. Plus all room service is free if you are staying in a suite. Yes there is a laundry service but I am not sure of the prices. We tend to use the on board self service launderettes. They have washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards which are all free to use, you just provide the laundry detergent.
  3. berlingo

    How does P&O compare with Cunard, please?

    Not sure about how you get around but be aware that P&O have a strict policy about which cabins can accommodate a powered scooter. You are okay in an adapted cabin or some but not all suites. Any other grade they are not allowed. Not sure if this affects you but I thought I would mention it. I have limited mobility and find Ventura very accessible. I do use a powered wheelchair / scooter on board due to the distance involved in going from one venue to another. That way I can save my energies for all the fun stuff!
  4. berlingo

    Anytime Dining Question

    Sometimes we book select fare as we did on our last cruise in April and other times Saver as we have for our cruise next week. I can honestly say that if I am on a Select fare I could not care one little bit if someone on a Saver fare gets the dining of their choice. It is no skin off my nose and if it means they are happier with their cruise then good luck to them. To feel in some way aggrieved is at best mean spirited.
  5. berlingo

    Which cabin on Britannia ?

    Forgot to say we are in a side suite B623 when we sail next week. Will be happy to report back. By the way I read somewhere that the front suites on Britannia are better protected from the wind than some other ships.
  6. berlingo

    Which cabin on Britannia ?

    In my opinion the Retreat is very much a hot weather facility. The attraction is having a reserved place to sit in the sun or at least outside on a fine day when the decks are crowded. In my experience the Retreat (and its equivalent the Sanctuary on its sister line Princess) usually pretty empty on a colder cruise. Having said that perhaps it is different on Britannia? I am sailing on her next week to the Baltic so I will be able to see for myself. We are planning to use the Hydrotherapy / Thermal Suite which is I understand £25 a day and of which I have heard good reports. Maybe this could be another option?
  7. berlingo

    Britannia Hydrotherapy/Thermal Suite

    Thank you DS_dean. Is it something we have to rush to book as soon as we board? Or we will miss out. We would like to use it on a couple of sea days and I suppose they will be the most popular days.
  8. Hi everyone After enjoying the Thermal Suite on Azura this April we were wondering whether the Hydrotherapy Suite was its equivalent on Britannia? Have people used it and what did you think? How much does it cost and do you have to book it with a spa treatment or use it on ots own? Any tips? Many thanksx
  9. berlingo

    Azura or Ventura suite L107

    Not sure about L107 but stayed in E733 on the Azura over Easter this year and we loved it. The cabin was lovely and the balcony huge and very sheltered. Plus the veiws over the wake going in and out of port were the best on the ship. Also it is straight up on the lift to the Epicuran for breakfast. We loved it.
  10. berlingo

    Cruise insurance oddities

    A very similar policy is also available from Open Travel Insurance if you are a member of the Women’s Institute. This policy meant I could continue to cruise when other companies were quoting many thousands of pounds or declining to cover me at all. I am not sure how they do it but I spent lots of time researching this policy and it is completely legitimate and meets the standards advised by Which?
  11. berlingo

    Suite Life: What are all the perks?

    We treated ourselves to a suite for the first time last month on Azura and it was great. Due to recent health problems we tend to spend more time in the cabin so loved the extra space. We enjoyed the welcome party which made for a nice calm start to the cruise. Champagne and chocolates waiting for us in the suite was also very welcome.The butler unpacked and packed for us which was great. We loved breakfast at the Epicurean and also in suite meals served by our butler with linens, glasses etc. In short we loved it and for us it was well worth the money. We love cruising and P&O are our favorites ( along with Princess) Every time we cruise we feel privileged and being fortunate enough to have suite made it even more special. I am sure you will have a fantastic time. In fact we loved it so much we are doing it all again on Britannia next month!
  12. berlingo

    Cruising with Parkinson's on Britannia

    Be sure to tell P&O that your mum has some mobility problems so if there is an emergency they will know she may need help. Also they can assist with embarking and disembarking. When you get to the terminal you will see people waiting to help you all board. They have wheelchairs and will assist with checking in and boarding. Once on board I would be thinking about minimizing the time she has to spend walking or standing around unnecessarily. That way she can save her energy for all the good stuff! Britannia is a big ship so you can spend a lot of energy just walking from on venue to another. Therefore I would take a folding manual wheelchair to whizz your mum from place to place then park up outside and she can run in without a care in the world. It is also really useful on excursions and going ashore. If you do not want to take your own you can hire one from mobility at sea and it will be waiting in your cabin. Although I do not have Parkinson’s I have had recent health problems and this has worked very well for me. I have found that cruising is simply the best way to holiday with a disability and I always feel so well when I am on board. I am sure your mum will have a fantastic time.
  13. berlingo

    Azura Superior Deluxe Cabins - Sofa Bed

    I think you will be very unlucky if you get a cabin without a Pullman. Out of the nine of these cabins which we have stayed in only one has been missing the Pullman. My advice would be not to give up your bed if you can possibly avoid it!
  14. berlingo

    Sea sickness

    The trick seems to be prevent it before it starts if you possibly can. Things like lots bending over can precipitate motion sickness as can an empty stomach. Therefore avoid these at all costs and if you begin to feel queasy the crew often tell you to eat a green apple. Happy cruisingx
  15. berlingo

    Hand luggage

    Plus swimwear and towels if we want to go straight into the pool. You may also want to take some games, books or gadgets to keep the little one amused. There maybe some waiting around to board or for luggage to arrive.