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  1. We were poor as kids but were one of the few families on our block (Redhook in Brooklyn, New York - circa 1950’s) to even have a TV. Does anyone else remember when those tinted plastic screens you put on the front of the TV to “simulate” color TV? Man, they were horrid! 😱
  2. Thanks for posting this link. I was wondering the same as @Von & John. WOW again. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: With the first video, the passenger on the Greek ferry who took it said he posted it on social media “to show the danger of the sea toys we all use extensively,” These two incidents are a wake up call. In both cases, the parents were there but were no match for the winds and currents that were able to so quickly grab hold and swift away these very large inflatables with these very small children on them. Please spread the warning that they should NOT be used as “sea” toys!
  3. OMG and WOW is right!!! Unbelievable! Thank goodness she was spotted and safely rescued by that ferry boat. With that said, I’m wondering if anyone else on CC is tempted to buy an inflatable unicorn just to get aboard one of the cruise ships floating off Florida’s coast. Probably not. (sigh)
  4. When you see the ship for your Covid cancelled cruise anchored off port ... CAPTION NEEDED
  5. Just checking if the song was right (it was!) , “... 🎶 and the leg bone is connected to the ankle bone, and ... 🎵 “
  6. LOL - really laughed out loud over the memory this triggered. We were driving along with just the oldest of my TWO daughters (maybe 8 at the time) sitting in the back seat when she suddenly piped up with “I know where babies come from. You and daddy had sex TWICE.” Whereupon my husband immediately responded “Yeah, that’s about right!” (I would’ve punched him harder but he was driving.) 🤣🤣🤣
  7. So that’s where Victor put Sheryl’s new “She Shed” 😂
  8. Hmm... well I know I’ve seen the metallic dog and, since it’s the only Voyager class ship I’ve sailed, is it Navigator?
  9. Not Indy. Here’s another shot from ship that bartender was on. Want to change your pick? 😉
  10. Boleros, but not Explorer. Different class ship.
  11. Great bartender! If you can’t guess ship from the background art, I’ll post another picture from the ship as a second clue.
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