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  1. A very low $49 per day for my Harmony December 6, 2020 cruise. $89 for those early 2021 sailings is ridiculous. If Royal wants to bring in some more cash flow now, they should really offer bargain priced drink packages now on those cruises.
  2. Number one song on my 14th Birthday - “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles. Seems appropriate, especially since I just booked a December cruise on Harmony on blind faith.
  3. Yep! 😀 Thought about her ❤️ when I posted that picture. Now THIS is Bella:
  4. My experience also. Always been a dog lover until daughter left me with her cat. I treated him like the dogs (although I had to teach him some boundaries like “No, get out of the fridge!”). Now he comes, begs, sits, and stays on command (unless he doesn’t feel like it 🤣).
  5. Even though they are sold out, you MAY still be able to get a price drop on the solo. No harm in calling Royal, telling them you noticed price drop on insides, and ask (nicely) about getting a price drop on the solo. In the past, I’ve gotten price drops on sold out triple occupancy cabins when I saw price drops on double occupancy cabins and called them. FWIW, I loved the solo cabin I had on Brilliance. Yes, regular insides are bigger (although a lot of that is taken up by the second bed), but I was only in it to sleep, shower and get dressed. My cabin had more than ample storage (suitcase fit under the bed). I found the location of the cabin great. While located right off the centrum on deck 4, it was nice and quiet located in a private hallway for just the 9 cabins there.
  6. 😂 Hitting every page is totally different from remembering every page - especially when you get to anywhere near my age! 🤣
  7. WARNING! Be careful as Florida slowly reopens and protect yourself from this latest threat:
  8. My daughter might have had one too many on her last cruise ...
  9. My fellow Floridians know the pain is real!!!
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