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  1. That may be your idea of a joke but the reality is cruising will not be allowed again until this pandemic is over. I do not find that funny myself. I already had one cruise canceled and the way things are looking the next one could be canceled too.
  2. Bottom line the way I see it is there is a very good reason Europe has banned Americans from coming there. I get it, we have too many cases and why? Because too many exercise their "right" not to wear a mask. People can argue all they want that masks do not really work but in the countries where people comply the cases are down. At this point I am simply hoping I get to do my trip to Scotland, England, and and Ireland in 11 months and that is not another canceled cruise because of COVID.
  3. If the mask is made of cotton it is easier to breathe. I doubt she had a medical0 condition just tried wearing a mask made of polyester. I have asthma and I can wear a cotton mask with no issues. Now maybe I would if I tried to run a marathon, lol but then I would have trouble doing that without wearing a mask. Honestly in my mind if she has real medical condition maybe she should not be out if possible. Because if she has breathing issues then she is also more prone if she gets this of it being a major illness for her and not like a mild cold as it is for many.
  4. The info changes daily on masks if they help, if they don't. From what I understand it only helps if you have it then, you are less apt to spread this if you wear a mask. I do not go out much but I wear one for just in case it helps. At least I am protecting other people IF I have it. I do wish more people would wear one so I could go out more. That's the reality for me as a high risk person. I have to stay home because so many refuse to wear a mask.
  5. Right now, also, even if we could go, the UK is making people quarantine for 14 days. So I am wondering if my cruise next summer will happen. (my Caribbean one for this year was cancelled of course ) One thing for sure I don't want to quarantine for 14 days before going on my cruise. I hope we can go but unless something changes in the next 6-8 months I don't see that happening.
  6. Or if they are taking place we will be afraid to go for fear if one person becomes ill we would be stuck on the ship for a month making circles in the ocean.
  7. Well our cruise was cancelled. I wish we could have gone but I was afraidd if one person got sick after we sailed then no port would let us dock and we would be circling the Caribbean for who knows how long. So I see why the cruise line had no choice but to cancel. We went ahead and took the refund as it just does not seem feasible right now to to try to plan a cruise this fall or winter. (we already had a cruise booked for summer 2021. I HOPE this is all over by then.) That is what we wanted to do. The good thing is Travel guard issued us a credit for our insurance to use at a f
  8. I can only say about my local county hospital, there the ICU is full and I do know one person there (friend of a friend) fighting for her life there right now because of COVID-19. Which she did not get by cruise ship BTW.
  9. We have not yet canceled our cruise but it is hard to look forward right now. Yesterday my daughter found out she won't go back to work tentatively until April 27th. Georgia's governor has ordered schools to stay closed until then. Now she wonders if school will reopen before August. Our county has been on shut down since Wednesday. Of course I feared this would happen. The first person diagnosed in Georgia who was diagnosed after returning from Milan Italy February 24th, lived in Fulton county. Our county (Douglas) borders Fulton. The Fulton county line is only 4 miles form our
  10. Pretty bad here around Atlanta. So far it is traced back to a guy who had a business trip in Milan, Italy who returned home February 24th. (first corona virus victim in Georgia) A few days alter another person who had flew home from Italy was diagnosed. If only they had been quarantined when they got back on US soil. I read where one person on cruisecritic said everyone in the USA with the virus can trace their virus back to the Princess cruise ships. Not Atlanta and the suburbs. As I said, it has been traced back to Milan, Italy. 300 cases in Georgia (yesterday) and so f
  11. They will when they return home. The government could force an on USA soil quarantine as they did to the USA citizens on Grand Princess. ( previously Diamond Princess)300 of them are at Dobbin Airforce Base right now. It is just a crying shame they did not do this when USA citizens flew back from Italy 2- 3 weeks ago when it was known there was an outbreak there. You know allow them back on US soil but then send them to quarantine. Right now we have it in the state of Georgia because of 2 Americans (who lie in Georgia)who came back from a business meeting in Milan Italy on February
  12. Well we received notice we can cancel our May 30th cruise up until 48 hours before and get a refund or cruise credit.
  13. My husband's elderly aunt (88) had her senior groups' Myrtle Beach tour canceled. I think all tours for her age group should be cancel though as they are the ones vulnerable from dying form this.
  14. Lol I am more worried about getting here at home before my cruise May 30th. I made a post last week about my concern here on how would I know if that guy I passed the grocery store aisle had not recently returned from Italy Lol! well now the next county over-county line is 5 miles form my house is a guy with coronavirus who, guess what, he had been to a business conference in Milan, Italy. He came home February 22 and got sick February 25th. He passed it to his 15 year old son too. they are at home under quarantine, along with his wife and other child. Their symptoms have
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