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  1. Lol Your post reminds me of a review I saw of Carnival Fascination (which we were booking) when it did the southern Caribbean round trip San Juan including St. Marteen 20 years ago done by a 19 year old guy. That is what he said, "don't get your hopes up, everyone is about 80" lol! I laughed so hard when I read that. Martinique has them too and the their other beaches which not nude, are topless. I remember we did an excursion from the ship ( I was mid 40's at the time) and one woman on our excursion around 55- 60 in a bikini, very slim about a size 8 at most, no tummy, she looked great (I was a little envious as I was a size 10 at the time and had-still have a C-section gut) until she took her top off. I saw my future, lol!
  2. well it works better than America since that can mean any country on TWO continents.
  3. Why don't you suggest Franco open an etsey or Amazon store? I wanted a site I have confidence in using my card online. For the same reason I would not use my cards there, I would not just use it anywheree online. That is what I want. Otherwise I will wait until antoher cruise.
  4. $40 for a hand carved cameo pendant made out of abalone shell I thought was decent. As far s buying a carved conch shell to be a knickknack dust catcher in my house for the kind of money it cost, no thanks. It does not appeal to me. I remember my parents had one they brought back form Korea/late 1940's when they were there with the army (my dad was stationed there in 1947) a little before the Korean war started. It never appealed to me. so I would not want that if it was free. but I love cameo brooches and pendants. I agree with you about using a credit or bank card. I do not use them anywhere in the Caribbean outside of Key West.
  5. We bought a neat little humming bird cameo pendant last week made out of abalone with a pewter bale. If I had more cash on me I would have gotten another but I left most of my cash on ship. Does anyone know if they have an online store?
  6. You ever watch Family ties from the 80's? Michael J. Fox is Canadian. He played the eldest son.In one episode he and his friend were in a bar pretending to be older and said they were in the army, claimed they were going out to war to impress some girls, said they were going to attack Canada. Knowing he was Canadian in real life I found that so funny.
  7. Usually when people not from the United states say "America" they mean the United States of America. Not Canada or Mexico or any of the other countries from North and South America. I have heard a few say "the states" and I think that is more appropriate. I assume though it is because we are called "Americans" if from the United States of America, whereas if you are from Canada, you are called Canadian, from Mexico, Mexican, from Brazil, Brazilan and so on.
  8. momofmeg

    MSC Cruises

    BTW the we were on MSC Armonia, maybe it is because that ship is older they do it differently?
  9. Lol maybe my cousin then as most of my French ancestry came form Quebec before they came to the USA.
  10. Lol where are you from? Maybe you are not loud but I would say you are rude and are making a blanket statement. I have found most people are courteous but there are exceptions in every culture. the problem is the exceptions are what annoys us so of course we remember them. For example, I grew up in Augusta, GA, a military town and so I met many women from other countries who had married GIs. I worked with a very rude hateful woman from Germany circa 1978. She was about the nastiest person I have ever met even 40 years later. However, I also worked with other German women who were nothing like her and found her just as obnoxious as the rest of us.
  11. Now elegant night, (they no longer have "formal night") men are not asked to wear a jacket or tie. I did insist my husband wear a tie though. I just wore 2 dressy dresses from a line at Dillards that Reba Mac Entyre endorses for older women. I love that line as it has both great casual and dressy items made for older women but yet do not scream "Granny clothes." they have a youthful appeal but yet not for younger women. The one dress was a maxi dress in all over lace in teal color. The other was a 2 piece leopard print with metallic threads running through it. However this cruise since originally was going to Cuba and so had a lot of Cuban Americans. They go all out. The women had the slinky "Marilyn Monroe" type evening gowns and the men mostly wore either tuxes or white dinner jackets. The first time I have ever felt under dressed on formal night! Usually I feel overdressed as so many do not even bother to dress up anymore. Heck our previous cruise before this was on NCL and they call it "dress up or not night" lol! That is exactly what you saw too, most were the "or nots!"
  12. I saw MSC turn a way a guy in a muscle shirt the first night at dinner but they allowed a young woman in shorts and sleeveless top a couple of nights later. I get that men don't shave their underarms, so considered unsanitary by some, but that was surely a double standard. I actually brought skirts for dinner as all my summer weight capris I thought were too casual for dinner and I did not want to bring my heavier weight pants for a July Caribbean cruise but maybe I need not have bothered.
  13. momofmeg

    MSC Cruises

    and this ship had enough bars and restaurants that no one should have had to do the drill in the heat. and even if they didn't they should have made an alternative for anyone over 55 or serious health issues. Tiny babies too. those are the ones in danger of heat stroke.
  14. momofmeg

    MSC Cruises

    Actually I am sure they have more than several locations-2000 plus people can't fit in one tiny area, but they had around 50 or more of us crammed in a tiny area on deck 6 in front of the Rum bar. I was like why didn't we meet in the Rum bar? No one was in there. We also had to take our life jackets for the drill. Other lines say only in a real emergency. The other lines stopped making us take life jackets because of the danger on the stairs. For the drill no elevators allowed. BTW we were in one of the better balcony rooms so if it went by cost of stateroom we should have had one.
  15. Injection pins are very popular now. It is hard to tell what they are, they look similar to an ink pen. I would see no issue with that but a syringe and needle would be different. However, most use the syringes if their insurance does not cover their meds well, it is cheaper to use syringes if you have no insurance or lousy insurance. If the person is a brittle diabetic I would tolerate it but even then, they could excuse themselves from the table and go to the restroom. Dining rooms always have a restroom close by.
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