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  1. Clark Howard is my hero. He is cheap but also a millionaire and he says that is why he is a millionaire. Lol! Bottom line we all have to decide if something is worth the cost for our enjoyment or not and is we alone who have to live with our choices. Lol! I know we are pretty frugal usually but we do splurge for special occasions. We booked an aft mini suite balcony for our 35th Anniversary trip. We had loved having an aft suite on our 30th anniversary Med trip. The problem this was Canada in October and we left out of NY to go to Canada and I was very sea sick at first and by the time we got into Canadian waters most days it was too cold to use the balcony, lol! but it is okay, we did not ruin our retirement fund, so all is good! Just next time we will think about where we are going before we book something like that.
  2. I agree Hank. it is so rude to call people "cheap" when you do not know their circumstances. Maybe they are merely living within their budget. People who make these comments I sometimes feel are either are not middle income people so have no clue about what it is to live on a budget, or else they have their credit cards maxed out and live beyond their means in debt. I agree with you, for a once a year trip out of the USA that is a lot of money for a young family. I do believe though a high percentage of cruisers it is not even once every few years. I know I met a couple on one cruise who said that cruise was a once in a life time trip. They were celebrating their 35th anniversary. The wife's kidneys were going and she would soon need dialysis. So the husband splurged on that cruise because he felt it was "now or never" and she had always wanted to take a Caribbean cruise. All I could think of was how wonderful the husband did that for his wife.
  3. I have done this on cruises longer than 7 days for underwear. I pick up some packets of Tide to Go and hang them in the shower. of course is you use the shower you have to take them down and replace when you are done if they have not dried. I have also used the hairdryer to help them dry faster or even spread them out on the balcony when I am in the room for a hour or 2 in the daytime. Fortunately they usually run a deal for a bag of clothing laundered for $20-25 we can use on longer cruises. They are not pressed for you though. Once though the laundry service was overwhelmed on a Celebrity 12 day cruise by their Elite members (who got 2 bags laundered free) and you could not get anything laundered for any price except on the first day after embarking and the last day before disembarking. I was thankful I had plenty of Tide to go and clothing that easily dried. Anyway that has deterred me from taking longer cruises on Celebrity.
  4. I thought of something else I know MSC allows embarkation on some of their cruises at Caribbean ports but it is less expensive for Americans to embark at Miami. Plus I think you are expected to disembark at the same port you embark.
  5. Yes that was ships in the southern Caribbean cruising out of San Juan. They reposition in the spring, to perhaps Canada and New England, Europe, Bermuda, or Bahamas east coast from NY/NJ. You can do the reverse cruise in the fall. both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity has a ship that does this twice a year between NJ and San Juan. Probably other lines?
  6. Repositioning cruises perhaps? I am not sure about Jamaica but I know you can take one from NY/NJ to San Juan. Both Celebrity and RCI have one in the fall with the reverse in the spring. We have done one on a ship repositoning from Europe to the Caribbean. That was our 25th anniversary trip. We flew to London stayed there a few days then took a train to Dover, boarded ship, went to la Havre, Portsmouth, Dublin, and Cork, cruised the Atlantic and then was in Newfoundland and Novia Scotia and ended in NJ from where we flew home on a much shorter flight. The only other one way cruise I know about is some of the Alaska cruises you can do northbound or southbound. We did northbound from Vancouver to Anchorage.
  7. Yes they assassinated him. I remember that so sad.
  8. You know that is true, when traveling the locals are almost always friendly. Only on the internet do people act differently and it seems to be Universal, not just one country.
  9. Okay then like Cuba. That was just something someone here on CC told me a few years back that had done a Baltic cruise. We were looking into doing one with my motherinlaw and sisterinlaw about 5 years ago but they backed out and so we never went.
  10. I think you will still need a visa. Just like if an American takes a Caribbean cruise that goes to Cuba, needs a visa for Cuba. However, the cruise line will take care of the visa in that case but you still pay $75 processing fee. It may be different for Europe. I know Americans already need a visa for Russia but I understand it is waved if on cruise ship? I guess you would need to find out from your travel agent.
  11. momofmeg

    visa for Cuba

    I suspect they already added it into your fare. If they did not charge you extra, well, that is comparing apples to oranges anyway. Viking is like 5 times the price of NCL, MSC, Carnival etc. Yes I know they are much more upscale. However, for what they charge they should give you something free.
  12. Hi Lois, congrats! I just wanted to say we were in NY city in April 2015 and it was cold like winter to us. I am sure Bermuda will be warmer though but bring something warm for NY, just in case. the only other thing is sea sickness. It was awful for me leaving from NY. Usually ginger does the thing but leaving and returning I need bonine for NY ports. Dramine makes me sleep like a drunk.
  13. momofmeg

    Buyer beware

    They did not buy traveler's insurance so they lost their cruise fare I suspect. A lot of first time cruisers do not realize this is true no matter which line you choose. I wish travel agents would explain if you don't get insurance and something comes up, even a death in the family or hospitalization you get no refund unless you buy insurance. Many new cruisers do not understand this . Sometimes it is experienced cruisers too.One poster story I read years ago was a guy who had a heart attack at age 42 a week before his scheduled cruise. He thought HAL should have given him a refund since he had cruised with them half a dozen times. When others mentioned he should have bought insurance,he said he didn't because he was "healthy." Well apparently not healthy enough. So, moral of the story, new cruisers, even if you think you are healthy you never know, buy insurance if you feel you can't eat the cost of your cruise if you miss it.
  14. momofmeg

    visa for Cuba

    It does seem right now you pay more for a Cuba cruise but I think it is because they sell out so fast. It is still new for Americans to go there. I also know it is only older ships go there because of Cuba's dock can't handle the monster ships. As previous posts said it is a $75 VISA fee on top of your cruise fee. The cruise lines handle it but they do it differently but your travel agent will know or else you can contact your cruise line and ask them.
  15. momofmeg

    visa for Cuba

    and we are to pay for our after we board MSC. Every cruise line does it different. but the cruise lines do take care of it for us. Your travel agent will know how your cruise line handles it.
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