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  1. Suggest you take this experience as a lesson and find a good Travel Advisor. Most do not charge other fees for booking cruises, will not cost you any more money to make the transactions and will know of all the ins and outs of making changes to a reservation; especially changes after final payment date when prices fluctuate greatly to fill the ship. Sorry for your bad experience, but ALL cruise lines handle after final payment changes differently than prior to cancellation date when the passenger has leverage.
  2. They lie, look at Alaska temps from JUNE and thus far in JULY
  3. iF YOU STILL HAVE IT FOR SALE, respond here or email at ONOURCRUISE@GMAIL.COM. TIA.
  4. iF YOU STILL HAVE THIS FOR SALE, I will be happy to take it. Message here or ONOURCRUISE@GMAIL.COM
  5. FREESTYLE CRUISING on NCL, come if you desire, don't if you prefer. Anytime of day food is available somewhere.
  6. MAYBE I was getting an end of PROMOTION offer. . . . . . what a nice person. 👹
  7. There is another person selling theirs for $400 a piece on Fbk in NCL themed pages. Frankly I hope they do not sell them but have to use them for a cruise. Think the use 2 certificates for any cabin promo, which is expiring today, has driven it to a sellers market. Tomorrow the beating of the doors should slow down.
  8. If you are not planning to take an excursion, which would put you ON A GLACIER, there really shouldn't be any need for insulated boots, simply waterproof ones. If they are all you have, then by all means they will be more than sufficient for on the ship.
  9. BEST advice I can provide is to find a Travel Advisor who has lots of Alaska sailings or bookings. Go meet with them to get a feel for what is available and to get an estimated budget for the experience. Excursions are expensive in Alaska compared to warmer cruises. How active do you wish to be when off the ship? These are just a few of the questions to consider.
  10. Besides this site Fbk has many pages dedicated to various Alaska cruise subjects. The variations available are vast and you will need to have at least a couple of itineraries and timeframe to get much help on either of the sites.
  11. Are you TSA Pre-checked to shorten time at TSA lines? Ship arrives at 600 needs to clear customs, and first passengers debark around 700. You could be tight with SEATAC history of long TSA lines.
  12. I would do PAYPAL payment of 280 for two of the certificates. Can do that today if this is acceptable.
  13. Great little exercise. Frankly, if I could afford the Haven for our trips I might splurge for it, but we've been in all classes of rooms and always have a great cruise. The cabin does not make the vacation for us. Haven perks are an unknown commodity for us as we always book multiple rooms for family and friends.
  14. Considering booking an Octobe 2019 cruise. Looking to see if there are one or two expiring certificates which someone might wish to sell instead of letting them expire. ONOURCRUISE-at-GMAILdotCOM
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