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  1. Our final $1000 was posted to our Credit card account on June 15. So, in about 2 weeks we were completely refunded! I can’t wait to sail Viking at some point!! 😁
  2. We cancelled our October cruise on May 28 and all but our $1000 deposit (on a credit card) was deposited back into our checking account on May 29. Of course, they kept the $100 pp fee and will apply it to a FCC. Way to go, Viking!!
  3. I would contact TellUs@Vikingcruises.com and ask this question. We are doing this on our New York-San Juan cruise in October. We get in on one day, and we’re leaving the ship at 4:30 the next morning for our flight. It will depend on when the personnel is available to facilitate your exit from the ship!! Safe travels. Jan
  4. Does the bed in 6023 face fore or aft?
  5. Thanks for your response! I guess I can only go by what the powers that be tell us. There are flights from SJU in the middle of the night, so maybe Viking has made a deal with Customs to be available! We have a 7:00 am flight, so we won’t need to leave before 4:30 anyway. 😁
  6. Thanks, everyone, for your responses! In order to be absolutely sure about what to do before purchasing airline tickets, I emailed TellUs@Viking. I received a phone call the next day!! I was told that they had sent the question to the appropriate department and I would hear back from them in a couple of days. Well—a couple of HOURS later, I received a call from Jazz at TellUs who had an answer. What a delight to talk with employees at a company who genuinely want to help!! This is our first Viking Cruise and I’m getting awfully good vibes about it. Only time will tell, but this is looking good. 😁 Oh, by the way, since we overnight in San Juan, personnel will be available from about midnight on that second day to process our disembarkation. Who knew?
  7. I certainly may want to chat with you as the cruise gets closer. We’re taking this cruise to acquaint ourselves with Viking and to just chill. We’ve not been to Bermuda or Tortola, but have visited most of the other ports. So, we just may be taking the Included excursions or some water tours. Thanks again for your guidance. 😊
  8. This is exactly the kind of info I was hoping for!! Thank you so much! If we take the early flight, we can be home before the next flight even leaves San Juan!! I was hoping this could be possible.
  9. Thanks, Vineyard View. I was hoping you’d chime in. I followed you before your cruise this year! So, when exactly, did you clear customs? Did you do it on arrival day or the day you left the ship? My concern is that the proper authorities won’t be there at 4:30. We do have TSA precheck and Global Entry, so hopefully, our lines won’t be as long.
  10. I’m beginning to think about flights for our October cruise from New York to San Juan. It’s not quite time to see actual flights for us yet, but the trend seems to be the same for weeks before our actual dates. So, here’s my question. We arrive in San Juan on one day, overnight, then disembark the next day. Will we be able to leave at 0 dark thirty on that second day to make a 7:00 am flight? The next flight isn’t until the afternoon, practically when we could be arriving home! Some of you have recently done this cruise and I’m really hoping you can guide me in my choices. Any help would be appreciated! TIA.
  11. The terminal is just a few blocks from the Historic City Market and other historic areas! You can walk it easily. Enjoy the day! We love Charleston.
  12. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and tips! We are planning to stay at JW Marriott Essex House. I think we really just wanted something more quiet than Times Square. Things may change in the next 11 months, but at least we are holding a room. I love all the help I get on CC. 😊
  13. The balcony is completely covered by the deck above. Whether it’s shaded or not depends on the time of day and direction. We liked it because it was quiet and had great views over the wake. It did mean some long walks to the front elevators as we headed up to the Crow’s Nest! it looks like you’re new to Cruise Critic, so I’d suggest you just keep exploring on this site. There’s also a great site strictly about HAL. I don’t think I’m allowed to include it here, but if you google Veendam cabin 232, you’ll get a link to that wonderful site that has photos of lots of HAL cabins. There are some great pictures of 232 on it. The site is all about the “facts” of HAL. 😊. Jan
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