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  1. anniversarygirl

    what should hubby wear

    Hi, I just got a navy almost floor length gown for a formal and I'm wondering what hubby should wear. He's got a nice black suit. Do we do a white shirt with a tie that has navy in it? or can you do a bow tie if its not a tux? Thanks
  2. anniversarygirl

    Specialty Restaurants question

    Thanks Merion and Jimmy, Reading these boards makes you get a glimpse into what the cruise entails but its still so fuzzy in my head. One more question, why do people choose to eat at these restaurants versus the dining room? Is the dining room used only for dinner? Where do you eat for lunch? Thanks again.
  3. Hi I'm a soon to be Mariner cruiser with a couple more questions. Are all the restaurants free but require reservations? Do these restaurants adhere to the dress code ie formal night, casual night or can you dress however you want any day? Thanks!
  4. anniversarygirl

    Parents-question about going w/out kids

    OP here...Thanks everyone for the discussion. You've helped me decide to get a Medical Release Form that I found on the internet notarized at my bank. One more thing...I'd just like to know how my mom knows so much?;)
  5. anniversarygirl

    Has anyone heard of the Chukka Ultimate.....

  6. Adventure? Royal offers it in Jamaica. I posted it in the Jamaica forum but no one seems to know anything about it. It about 4 hours long and includes horseback riding, tubing, and hiking. I have a few general questions....
  7. anniversarygirl

    Parents-question about going w/out kids

    Thanks askfrog and missty. Can I ask one more thing? Do you know absolutely for sure that the note does not need to be official? Sorry, I don't mean to question you, its just that my mom will want to know for sure and I don't know where else to get the info.
  8. So my mom is watching my 3 kiddos while hubby and I go on our 1st cruise. She seems to think that I need to have some sort of temporary guardianship papers drawn up in case of a medical emergency. She thinks that they might not be able to get treated if under her care. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?
  9. anniversarygirl

    Random Mariner questions...

    Merionmom, thanks for pictures!! Lioness.....thanks but no thanks, I'm already trying to drown out my hubby's snoring ;) Thanks again everyone for responses! rock the boat...what's roll call and how do i get there?
  10. anniversarygirl

    Random Mariner questions...

    Thanks folks for all the responses. Bummer about the exhaust fans/lack of ocean noice, I need some kind of white noise!! Anyone know of anything small that I could pack?
  11. Hi-New Cruiser here with a few questions. I'm sure these are redundant but I can't get the search option to work. I'm so excited, our cruise is 3 weeks from today!!! Here's the questions: 1. Do the bathrooms have loud exhaust fans? I sleep with mine on at home that is pretty loud. 2. If no to #1, is the ocean loud? Do you sleep with the balcony door open? 3. How private is the balcony? Do you see your neighbors next door? Thanks!!
  12. anniversarygirl

    Horseback Riding

    I don't know if you are going there on not but Jamaica has horseback riding where you go into the water with good reviews.
  13. anniversarygirl

    Chukka Ultimate Adventure

    Hi folks, I'm a first time cruiser..hubby and I are going on May 4th for our 10th year anniversary. I haven't found any posts about this excursion. It's with Royal Caribbean........it includes horseback riding, tubing down the river and hiking. I see lots of talks about tour guides. Do you not feel safe using cruise line guides or is it about saving money?