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  1. We will be there on a Sunday and a lot of all inclusive beaches are closed
  2. So I guess the 3 hours starts upon your arrival? We are only in port until 3:30 so seems like it will work out well for us
  3. Hey you! I know we will not be in Cozumel the same day, we will just miss each other. We will be there 11/6, you? We were looking at Paradise Beach but would like an all inclusive so looking at Carlo's & Charlie's
  4. I am looking at this option too! We are going on a Sunday and many places are closed. Curious to read any experiences. Also, how does the 3 hour open bar work?
  5. Thank you both so much! I appreciate it!
  6. NCL Pearl on 11/6/16. It's a charter. I will check them out. Thank you
  7. Not sure what pier. The Anthem of the Seas will be there too. We just would like to relax and enjoy some food & drink. That's why we kind of wanted all inclusive.
  8. I will look into it. Thank you
  9. Just discovered we will be in Cozumel on a Sunday, are the stores and bars by the cruise ship closed? Wanted to do Mr. Sanchos but they are closed. Wondering if a lot will be closed.
  10. Sorry if I missed it but does anyone know if the Pearl will be going into dry dock later this year or early next year? Thanks
  11. It's a makeshift bar they set up for shows and events in the theater
  12. Welcome!!! The cruise is fastly approaching! Are you on the fb group too?
  13. I looked at their site but they said they will not drop off at Miami airport hotels
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