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  1. Loonbeam

    Coral world

    One option (if practical) would be to have the Niece just bring the kids via taxi to CW and meet them there, either from Coki or other beach. It's really easy to navigate and since St. Thomas is USVI in most cases your cells will work to coordinate.
  2. Loonbeam

    Coral world and coki beach with toddler

    I can at least speak to the Cab part. Cabs were plentiful at CW/CB and if there wasn't one, the folks at CW will call you one. They did say there can be quite a line for them as it gets closer to ship departure so do plan for that.,
  3. Loonbeam

    JPEG converted to RAW?

    Cleaning up older jpegs is pretty much what Topaz positions it for. In general, while I find their stuff a bit Pricey, its also generally pretty good.
  4. Loonbeam

    Golf cart company that DOESN'T have awful reviews?

    Not that I recall. There was one at the lighthouse, one bar/restaurant along the north side, and a couple near cockburn town. Actually, for distance driven that should be plenty.
  5. That's still $1000 or basically another decent lens.
  6. Loonbeam

    Grand Turk Private Guide

    Yes, we pre-booked with Omar a month or two out. There's a review of mine probably a few pages in. The golf cart did not have seatbelts as noted. Also as noted, at least where we went you could not see into the water (someone did say there was a beach you could take the carts on but we did not go there or even look for it.
  7. Loonbeam

    Swim with sea lions at coral world

    I want to say $9? Someone posted a sign on a previous thread but I can't find it. But I am almost sure I handed the guy a $20 for two people for one of the big open air truck like taxis.
  8. We booked almost a year out if not longer last time. That's especially a good idea if you plan to try to share the tour with others, gets you first on the tourshare site.
  9. Loonbeam

    Princess Cays Fire

    Yep, I was not aware of that at all, so my total assessment was wrong, based on incorrect severity of damage...
  10. Loonbeam

    Ate at Wonderland tonight. Not impressed.

    Fair enough. We had the server select too, and for us it seemed to be more of an issue of flavor profile than preparation (i.e. everything was prepared fine, just not always to our taste). That said, any venue is only as good as the current chef staff, so hopefully they will rotate out to a better one.
  11. Loonbeam

    Ate at Wonderland tonight. Not impressed.

    Wondeland is very much love or hate because of what it is... I enjoyed it on the Anthem but the food itself wasn't always to my taste, I just appreciated the creativity and presentation. If those are things you find interesting and/or you are experimental, you will probably enjoy it. If however, you are looking for a traditional fine dining type experience (and many are) you will probably be disappointed...
  12. Loonbeam

    Princess Cays Fire

    It seems that while the buildings were badly damaged the power equipment itself may not have been (not officially confirmed but reports indicate the generator itself did not suffer anything other than cosmetic and needing some lines replaced). Or at least not total loss of capacity, which is what I originally thought. Have not heard if water system itself sustained damage but that can be worked around more easily.
  13. Loonbeam

    Coco Cay -- will the pier be ready by May?

    No one except RCCL knows. I doubt it personally, but since a lot of the work is underwater hard for people visiting to tell.
  14. I have replaced almost all of my lens sets with Sigma or Tamron. The Art lenses especially are (to me) better than their Nikon equivalents and cheaper... Once I sell two lenses I'll be down to Tamron 18-400 and 150-600, Sigma Art 50mm, Art 24-105 and Contemp 12-18.
  15. Ah, I was apparently thinking the older one, which is on closeout now and still a good lens. Hadn't realized there was a new one even.