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  1. A couple of notes--- 1> There is a difference between seaworthy with irregular operations, normal operations, and cannot sail. There is nothing that would prevent this ship from SAILING in this damage (pending a full inspection), but there will be some loss of capacity and some cabins may be affected. The ones above and below may be made unavailable for safety and repair noise reason, etc. (Which is also why bookings may be closed, for rearranging). 2> Based on the photos, they can seal the areas with plywood and other materials to make her equally as seawort
  2. The main damage is to the 3rd and 4th floor dining areas, assumably the entire rear areas are out of commission for a while. That doesn't affect sea operations but will make meals, especially dinner a challenge. There may be other structural issues, those will be pending inspections. Inspections may delay departure of both ships from port. Apparently (details differ), someone was observant enough to notice what was happening and got everyone to evacuate the dining rooms (which hopefully were not too crowded). One person at least was injured in the scramble (one report indicate
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