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  1. Hi Tony, I have just returned from my first cruise on Boudicca -3 weeks around South America - and thoroughly enjoyed it.At age 65 I was one of the youngsters but then it was a February cruise and not many working folks are going to be able to get four weeks off at that time of year. In the summer months I am quite sure that there will be many more families and people I met said that a lot of grandparents take theor grandchildren. Don't knock it it is cheaper than taking them yourself! The boat is super and the staff could not be more helpful but you will not get some of the glitzy stuff for kids that you get on the big mega boats. None the less there will almost certainly be a full programme for any full days at sea. With regard to dress. Like you I bought a black tie outfit but I could quite easily have got away with a dark suit. They only have full evening dress on a max of two evenings a week and its a bit of a nuisance taking it all for two nights. On the other hand it did make the evenings rather special and without it people might really dum down. One important tip if this is your first cruise and particularly with children. Boudicca is a very stable boat with full stabilization but you can still get a bit of role if it is choppy. Buy wrist bands from Boots the Chemist or similar and wear them for the first few days.. even at dinner... my wife and I wore them in the atlantic and pacific oceans and they really worked. Then use tablets as a last resort. If you do get really sick there is a doctor on board who will give youan injection. I am sure you will have a great time. Enjoy it. Any further queries get back to me...I will try to remember to check. Ray T
  2. Hi Jim and Margaret, I have just returned from a trip around South America on Boudicca with my wife and thought you might appreciate some quick comments. We are both aged 65 and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. There were a lot of elderly people on the trip but that was to be expected. There were no children and the boat is not geared up for them. Think of the boat as being your local country club house (golf club!) and you will not go far wrong. It is relatively small but very comfortable - we had A grade cabins on deck 7 - and after getting the steward to change it from "kingsize" to two singles it worked much better and gave us more room in the centre of the room. The staff from room stewards to Captain were exceptionally friendly and the Captain regularly spoke to us over the speaker system eg. this is the Captain speaking, I have spotted whales on the starboard side and have changed our course and speed to approach them ...." Brilliant what more could you ask for? Hygiene was impeccable with a requirement that they sprayed your hands before entering restaurants or eating/drinking places ...needless to say we had no outbreaks of viral infections. Entertainment varied and was not of the "glitzy" kind but was generally very good. Classical musicians of various kinds and a six piece band for back-up. This was not "Vegas" but go with it and youwill enjoy it. Compared with the mega cruise ships the facilities are minimal eg one fashion shop with clothes/handbags etc, a very small shop for personal bits and pieces; no slot machines and only one gambling table! As I said, definately not Vegas! So think of it as being your personal yacht with lots of your friends on board! Hope this helps. Norway you will love, I envy you. Regards RayT
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