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  1. Parsman

    British Night on Fred

    I have cruised with Fred Olsen for many years and I have always had a horror of British nights. In my view it is more like a BNP/UKIP rally then a fun night. If we must have these nationalistic events why not call them re/white/blue nights which could embrace Americans, French, Dutch and many more. It would be even better if they reverted to tropical nights which were always popular.
  2. It's a wonderful cruise. The ship is very stable. If it is like it was when I took this trip the efficient air conditioning is a most important factor. Enjoy the cruise.
  3. Parsman

    Thinking about a cruise from Rosyth

    Al;though I haven't boarded at Rosyth I was on a Fred, Olsen cruise which called there. The facilities were very good and the shore staff friendly.
  4. Parsman

    Bill for onboard spending

    Yes. On the final morning you get the bill. Unless you have any queries on it there is no need to contact reception. On longer cruise you may get an interim statement. You can trace your spending on your cabin's inter-active TV.
  5. Parsman


    There are reports that P&O are dropping their £7 gratuities charge from May 2019. The cut throat competition is hotting up. I wonder if FOCL will be following suit?
  6. Parsman

    Accidents at sea

    How can you accidentally fall off the stern of a modern cruise ship?
  7. Parsman

    RIB trips on upcoming cruises.

    That's what i did on two occasions in Norway
  8. On a recent cruise on the "Boudicca" they were advertising RIB trips. I took two of these on a cruise to Norway last year and thought they were great. I was hoping that they might have the opportunity to take RIB trips on the "Braemar" cruise to the Adriatic in early October but there is no mention of these in the tours book or on the website although they are advertising them for cruises in 2019..Does this mean they will not have these until next year :Dor can they only be booked on board? Any ideas?
  9. Parsman

    Smart tv

    I have the same problem but I have never been able to find subtitles on the TVs on any of the Fred. Olsen ships.
  10. The change in dining arrangements on Fred. Olsen ships is interesting. I have been cruising with them for 25 years and, in the past, late sitting was always the more popular. Personally, I prefer the 2030 dining time as 1815 is much too early especially if you are in a port. The other change is that on the many cruises I have taken with them (46 so far) the ships were virtually full. On the two in recent months there have been many empty cabins and tables in the restaurants. I fear the cut-throat competition is taking its toll.
  11. Parsman


    We got off the "Boudicca" in Dover on 13 July at 0750, collected the luggage, got the van to collect the car from the terminal car park and drove home (22 miles) arriving there at 0830. I have sailed many times from Dover. This was the very best.
  12. I strongly suggest you liaise with Fred. Olsen direct and I know they will be most helpful
  13. Parsman

    No Captain’s welcome party

    Most unusual. Sometimes if the seas are rough these parties can be cancelled.
  14. Parsman

    3 for 2 offers

    It's not the first time this or similar offers have been made. If you are quick they are good value.
  15. Parsman

    Balmoral Norway in July

    A lovely country and most friendly people. The weather can be changeable. The locals boast of four climates per day. Wear layers of clothes. Take local Krona with you. It's a place for sightseeing not shopping. Most things are expensive, especially alcohol. Some of Fred. Olsen's excursions are excellent. The most popular often fill up quickly so it can be better to book before you sail - you can do this on line. Have a great trip.