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  1. You shouldn't have a problem but if it will make you feel better or if you have extra sensitivity to noise, you can call Princess (or your TA) and get your cabin changed to another one in the same category that doesn't share that wall. They are glad to do so if they have any available.
  2. We "box it" all the time, every time in fact, no issues.
  3. We love them all, insides to suites but we see plenty good about inside and never feel cheated when we do it. There is light coming in around the door and for some reason not usually symmetrically. The doors are always racked a little one way or the other in their jamb. Dizzyness not at all, sleep is great any time day or night and they feel more secure in really brutal seas when the primal part of your brain wants to feel removed from the water. A sliding glass door to the sea has it's downsides when the seas is feeling it's oats.:eek: Suggestions are to bring a night light and a small fan for noise and air movement. Insides can use with a little air stirring. Enjoy, you can cruise more if you cruise cheaper....
  4. Not great news, nothing real close, up hill into San Pedro you can find a store but no shuttle service is going to stop. A cab would with the meter running but that won't be fun. Sorry.
  5. That would be the proper course of action but be well prepared to hear "no". Properly so IMO, nearly everyone who has ever booked a suite would like to include someone and that would double the load on the staff and lessen the experience for those who have a right to expect it. When we sail with friends who happen to get up early for breakfast we take the Sabatinis factor into account when we select our cabin. We don't book suites if we feel it would be awkward telling them they can't join us. The point is that when you sail with someone else you have some thinking to do. If you really feel bad about it, upgrade them to a suite also...
  6. It could certainly have been much worse, they were only yards from land. Even I could swim that if needed. It is sad to see her on her side and the fatalities are hard to swallow, cruising is such a safe way to travel in general. Our thoughts go out to the affected families.
  7. It seems like we have been on both ends of the extreme this year. Last cruise we didn't have a cabin number until 4 days before we sailed and just now we got one nearly 90 days out and well before final payment. It was an in category "upgrade" fwiw. Anyone else seeing odd timing on GTY cabin assignment?
  8. Glacier bay.... every time, no contest. Sailed Alaska many times and I still get choked up when I see glacier bay.
  9. I have never had a consistent enough or consistently fast enough connection to stream decently and SERIOUSLY doubt you will be able to do this especially if there is any upload on your kids end, cost aside it is a non-starter IMO. Consider alternative studies that week, heck you could show them a book, someone might ask one of them what one is some day and they will know. :D
  10. This is really analogous to eating at your favorite pizza place or staying at your favorite hotel chain. Just because you like one doesn't mean you can't go elsewhere once in a while to see if it is different/better. You can have several favorites, no rule against it. What makes cruising any different really? There is no requirement to be loyal, you don't need to justify sailing with someone else just go and enjoy.
  11. 30 minutes is reasonable but if it takes her 30 minutes to use the rest room you might consider adding fiber to your diets.
  12. Just switch once on board, minor hassle and will yield the result you are after. No problem, 10 minutes or less.
  13. Ocean and Pacific are a different class of ship I was disappointing when we started sailing Sapphire/Diamond and they didn't have the hand helds, nearly every other ship and line does.
  14. We long ago gave up on the shows in the big theater anyway preferring the smaller venues like the explorers lounge where the entertainers are changed virtually every cruise. Perhaps the problem is getting too used to anything, as others have suggested, try something else, it isn't so much a matter of "leaving" it is more like "broadening" your cruise experience. You will see what you like and don't like about that line/ship too. Perhaps you will be glad to come back... time will tell.
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