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  1. It is the half term week for most of the uk. We got a central park balcony (extended one) for £670 each incl tips. Just need to sort flights out. We don't tend to do speciality dining so that won't make a difference to us but will make sure and book the shows - that's 90 days out isn't?
  2. Excuse my ignorance - we booked this back in june. What's a Presidents cruise? I understand it's where 1 or 2 of the rci presidents are on but does that make a big difference to trying to get seats in places or is it q and a events?
  3. Because staff were telling us a third had it. They may have been wrong but thats what we were told. Both my husband and i were in our respective bathrooms on various parts of the ship and saw people coming out of cubicles and going straight out the door without washing their hands. Happened every night. On the day we left ship everything was taken out of cabins, deep cleaned and disinfected
  4. Hi we are a group of 10 and noticed you said your group was able to use 1 cabana. Just wondering if thats the norm or if they may turn 2 away? Also what did did you get off ship to be able to get your pick of cabanas? Can you come and go as we wanted to do the zip line as well. Sorry for question overload. We are going on 4th may cruise
  5. Sometimes they make a mistake. A coule of years ago we were on 56 then should have had 7 added but they didn't. I had quite a lot of phone calls with them and they were adament i was wrong. Wished i'd taken a screenshot. But eventually they did admit they had it wrong and put the points back. If we hadnt been so close to hitting diamond with the cruises we had planned i wouldn't have bothered but it is worth keep ringing back if you know you are right
  6. We were on rhapsody on 17th nov and over a third of our ship had it. People were quarantined and staff used to ring their cabins to check they were in there. If they weren't an announcement was put on asking them to return. If they 'escaped' again they were escorted back and their door was guarded. We didnt have it but kind of quarantined ourselves as our balcony on the back was a sun trap. When we did venture round the pool a poor lady vomited right by tge side of us so back to our cabin we went. Even with letters in cabins and announcements there were still people coming out of bathrooms without washing their hands. The whole ship was deep cleaned and sanitised when we arrived back
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