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  1. hummy0605


    Because staff were telling us a third had it. They may have been wrong but thats what we were told. Both my husband and i were in our respective bathrooms on various parts of the ship and saw people coming out of cubicles and going straight out the door without washing their hands. Happened every night. On the day we left ship everything was taken out of cabins, deep cleaned and disinfected
  2. hummy0605

    Labadee - Columbus Cove Cabanas Tips/Review

    Hi we are a group of 10 and noticed you said your group was able to use 1 cabana. Just wondering if thats the norm or if they may turn 2 away? Also what did did you get off ship to be able to get your pick of cabanas? Can you come and go as we wanted to do the zip line as well. Sorry for question overload. We are going on 4th may cruise
  3. Sometimes they make a mistake. A coule of years ago we were on 56 then should have had 7 added but they didn't. I had quite a lot of phone calls with them and they were adament i was wrong. Wished i'd taken a screenshot. But eventually they did admit they had it wrong and put the points back. If we hadnt been so close to hitting diamond with the cruises we had planned i wouldn't have bothered but it is worth keep ringing back if you know you are right
  4. hummy0605


    We were on rhapsody on 17th nov and over a third of our ship had it. People were quarantined and staff used to ring their cabins to check they were in there. If they weren't an announcement was put on asking them to return. If they 'escaped' again they were escorted back and their door was guarded. We didnt have it but kind of quarantined ourselves as our balcony on the back was a sun trap. When we did venture round the pool a poor lady vomited right by tge side of us so back to our cabin we went. Even with letters in cabins and announcements there were still people coming out of bathrooms without washing their hands. The whole ship was deep cleaned and sanitised when we arrived back
  5. hummy0605

    Come Say Hello! I Work On Independence Of The Seas!

    We are a group of 10 on the 4th may sailing from fort lauderdale transatlantic
  6. Friends are sailing on 6th october and its there 30th wedding anniversary on 8th. Can you order flowers on the ship or does it not have a florist since refurb. Tried looking at deck plans but either missing it or can't see. Thanks
  7. Hi we did the 7 night rhapsody out of venice last october and are on the same one in november this year. There are 2 formal nights on the 7 night. They were on day 3 (monday) and day 5 (thursday)
  8. First time ever that we have taken a chance and booked gty cabins. We are on the independence 5 night on 20th oct. There's 10 of us - family - and need 5 cabins. Gty balcony only worked out about £100 each extra when we booked. Double and triple checked and the lowest a balcony can be is deck 6 which was fine. That or above would be okay. We booked, received our emerald discount for us and our agent gave us an addt £20 each. Bkd on the wednesday and had our cabins allocated on the following tuesday. 3 on deck 7 at front and 2 on deck 6 at back but same side though. Well chuffed
  9. We did this cruise last october and are back again on 17th november in a js cabin
  10. Hi the ground staff made a rod for their own backs to be honest. They shouldnt have let people join any queue until instructed but some people can give out the nice messages but struggle giving out bad ones. All it would have taken was for one member of staff to man the top of the queues where the signs where and take the tickets from people and ask others to sit back down. Even if they had used one of the rooms as a holding room and brought people through they wouldnt have had as much aggro. :D
  11. The ground staff handed out pieces of paper with letters on to help with check in. What an absolute shambles. We were red b and there were people in the priority queue that were e but stayed in that line and wouldnt budge and then argued that they were staying there.The letters were called but people would not queue properly and there was a lot of aggravation. Fog cannot be helped but the way the ground staff organised things was awful. Would have run a lot smoother to have the staff at the top of the queue taking the cards off people as they got there and asking the others to kindly wait until their letter was called. Fog still bad this morning so sea day when we do set sail and kotor will be added onto end
  12. Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you with an additional update regarding your sailing on Rhapsody of the Seas. Fog in the Venice area has dissipated and port officials have reopened the port. Boarding for your cruise will now take place between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you onboard Rhapsody of the Seas!
  13. They sent email updates to the email registered on rci page when checked in online
  14. Had email update saying only to arrive between 7pm and 10pm. Theres only so much walking around with cases you can do so we are in the terminal - they have given us sandwiches and everyone should have a letter to indicate who boards first. Will see how many stick to that though our flight yesterday had to abort our landing due to fog but it cleared around 3pm. A lot thicker today though. Hey ho it is what it is