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    Short Cruising Survey for my class

    To jlp20: A. Assume whatever you want. I know I'm a student. And I'll go ahead and assume your a rude idiot. B.My point exactly. I'm just gauging if people do know anything about this topic. So why dont YOU get off your butt and do some research. C.Once again this survey is just testing your knowledge. D.These questions come from the EPA and CLIA. E. I have a great deal of knowledge on this topic but am not about to write my term paper on these boards. F.My assignment besides writing a paper was to survey people about informaton regarding my topic. And do you want a college student to go measure the amount of waste generated by a ship herself? I think collecting sewage and garbage is more of a job for someone like you. To sail7seas: This figure was provided by the CLIA. For example a large ship like the QM2 weighs a little over 148,000 GT. and thank you 2cruise4ever
  2. Hi everyone! My name's Nicole and I am currently a tourism management student at Temple University and I am writing a research paper on pollution caused by the cruise industry. I have to conduct my own research and I have created a short 8 question multiple choice quiz to test those who cruise knowledge on environmental issues. I would greatly appreciate it if some of you would participate because you are the perfect market to survey! Thank you in advance for you help! Just follow the link below.... Regards, Nicole [URL="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ve9IU9toCq2dtz_2fAdJGpUQ_3d_3d"]Click Here![/URL]