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  1. We've sailed Oasis and Allure several times, but we always go the week before or after Thanksgiving. Less kids on those cruises. On our last Allure cruise, we encountered some rude people crowding the elevators and not letting people off the elevator. Other than that one time, we have not had a negative encounter. There are always plenty of seats in the balcony at the theater so perhaps that would be a better bet than main floor. I'm sorry you encountered so many disruptions to your cruise. If you like Freedom, stick with that ship. You have to do what works for you.
  2. After sailing Oasis and Allure several times, the smaller ships are too boring for us. We love all the things to do on board the large ships and have never felt crowded. We usually book a JS on the hump and enjoy the balcony plus Central Park is never crowded and always a quiet place. If you time your meals in the "off" times, the WJ is not crowded. If crowds bother you, don't try getting an elevator when a show lets out. Wait a few minutes until the crowds thin or take the stairs if you can. There are plenty of ways to avoid the crowds on the mega ships.
  3. We've ordered the strawberries and champagne. The champagne was in the room when we arrived (1pm) and the strawberries were delivered within the next hour. Enjoy the strawberries. They are delicious!
  4. Baltic cruises are so port intensive that most people are exhausted at the end of the day. I don't remember attending any of the shows. After we had dinner, we either went to the cabin or had an after dinner drink and then crashed. It was one of our favorite cruises and would do it again. Enjoy!
  5. I'm not an attorney, but honestly, I can't see this as a case that an attorney could win. It's your word against the tour operators' word. Also, as someone else said, those tour operators do not make a lot of money so even if you win, they probably could not pay you. It was an unfortunate accident.
  6. In our experience, there is usually a lot of food so you don't need to order extras. For example in Chops, the sides feed two people easily and the entree was sufficient for one person. You will not go away hungry.
  7. I'm just curious if the injury occurred at Dunn River Falls. I was injured there and ended up in a wheel chair for the rest of the cruise because I tore ligaments in my foot. We were required by the tour operator to hold hands while climbing the falls and one man fell pulling me down on the rocks. I remember that the excursion specifically stated that you do this at your own risk. It never occurred to me to go after the cruise line or the tour operator. I was just sorry I went on the excursion and it was a lesson learned to be more diligent in picking excursions. However, I was not disabled as your relative appears to be. I don't think you'll be able to find an attorney to take on this case, but please come back and let us know what happens. I am sorry for the pain your relative has suffered.
  8. I agree with the others who recommend deck 8. It is so convenient to grab a sandwich or coffee at the Park Cafe in Central Park plus it has bars and music at night along with several specialty restaurants. Central Park is a great way to cut across the ship and avoid the heavy traffic on the Promenade. You will love the ship and November is a great month to cruise.
  9. We watched the ships depart from the beach at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort. There is also a nice bar with loungers on the outside, elevated deck that gives you a nice view. The ships are not real close, but you can definitely see them.
  10. Had a manicure on board once and it was ok, but expensive. They also try to sell you products and are not very nice when you say no. Would not do it again.
  11. We prefer Chops over 150. We prefer to eat outside at Chops, but honestly, I doubt we go there on our next cruise. It is not as good as it used to be and the service can be hit or miss. We think Royal has upped the prices, but not the quality of food. May as well eat in the MDR than pay the higher prices in the specialty restaurants. The only specialty restaurant we will eat in next time is Izumi.
  12. Your Mom might enjoy staying on board the ship. Last year, I stayed on the ship while the rest of our party took advantage of the beach. It was very quiet on board and I enjoyed having my choice of loungers while reading a book. Lunch was not crowded at peak times and one could sit in the WJ and not be hurried.
  13. I've sailed on Royal's mega ships and I respectfully disagree with this statement: "There is a big difference how this line handled it and how HAL does it. Definitely HAL handles it much more seriously." Having sailed many times on HAL and Royal, I can tell you that I have seen no difference. Royal takes it very seriously and the ships are immaculate. In the dining rooms on Royal, there are no condiments or bread on the table until the waiter comes over and serves you one roll and some butter. Yes, dining utensils are on the table along with cloth napkins and a tablecloth. I don't think one can take issue with those being on the table. After all, a waiter must bring you the utensils at some point. A friend of mine was on the ship when the noro situation occurred. She said the staff was being very diligent going so far as to wipe down every hand hold on the climbing wall after EVERY person had finished their climb. I would say that was extremely diligent on their part as these climbing walls are huge and this took a lot of time to do each and every time. I have always seen Royal crews diligently cleaning the ship on all our cruises. Royal does have an open buffet, but people are literally stopped at the door and required to use hand sanitizer even if they say they have washed their hands. It is not voluntary. You are not seated unless you sanitize. Additionally, hand sanitizers are everywhere on the ships. Is it perfect? No, but I can honestly say that I have sailed on more HAL ships with noro than Royal ships. HAL has never offered us any type of credit or refund for a noro outbreak and I never expected one. Noro can happen anytime, anyplace. I applaud Royal for giving everyone a full refund on their cruise.
  14. I am not a fan of Dunn River Falls. We went with kids who were in 4th and 6th grades. They had no problem with it and enjoyed the climbing. I was the last one in our group so I had to hold hands with a man who had trouble climbing. He fell and pulled me down with him causing me to tear tendons in my foot. Those rocks are slippery! I finished the rest of the cruise in a wheelchair.
  15. Our Baltic cruise was at the end of July a few years ago when that area was experiencing above average temps. It was 90 degrees on a couple of days and most buildings are not air conditioned. The Hermitage in St Petersburg was stifling hot and none of the tour busses were air conditioned in any of the cities. I would advise you to check the 10 day weather outlook before you finalize your packing. As for dressing in the MDR, we found more people participated in formal nights than on other cruises. Europeans tend to dress up more than Americans. Whatever you wear, this is a fantastic cruise. Enjoy!
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