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  1. they were all taken by the coast guard last night at midnight to turks and caicos.
  2. son is on freedom now. i understand there are 5 medical emergencies. that would be too many helicopters.
  3. i have said for years they need proof readers. i have friends who always book a celebrity suite to get all these ammenities. they are on the eclipse right now. because of all the sky suite pax taking all the space in michaels club and using up all the concierge's time, they couldn't even get their reservations for luminae. are they upset? you betcha. and they paid double the sky suites price.
  4. i just read the menus. i am in love. please enjoy!!!!
  5. your coupons are based on your crown and anchor status.
  6. i have always had towel animals on all princess cruises. all i had to do was ask nicely. i love towel animals. never the first day but every other night from there on. then i save them all week and have a ZOO at the end.
  7. i was under the impression some work will have to be done in San Francisco when they arrive on 12/10. if they leave the repairs for another time, possibly the 12/10 sailing may miss a (few) ports? or if they do the repairs first, maybe the departure may be delayed?
  8. marty, i am also friends with the Blanders and their traveling companions are my cousins. that is why i am following this thread.
  9. i am enjoying this thread as i have friends on your sailing. they don't read cruise critic. the only thing i will assume they are joining in is Mah Jongg. i told them when and where to go. thank you, all.
  10. did you guys all get the notice that the hours for Pago Pago on the 31st have changed? i have friends on your sailing, and got the notice after they left saturday. instead of 10-7 it is now 7-5.
  11. i have friends on this sailing. they have 6pm confirmed. ship says, no 6pm has to be 5:30pm. anybody else with the small problem?
  12. yes, that is exactly what i was asking. i also think i saw that (for example) SILK will have some non asian foods for people like my DH. who only likes plain american food. ;) thank you, of the seas!!!
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