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  1. DiscoVolante

    Sauna Useage Neo Romantica

    Is normal Sauna useage subject to a charge?
  2. DiscoVolante

    Sauna use Costa Neo Romntica

    Is there a charge for Sauna use on Costa Neo Romantica
  3. DiscoVolante

    Costa Neo Romantica

    We have booked for October and my wife heard that use of the Sauna is not free Is this correct?
  4. DiscoVolante


    I recently attempted to book a Cruise advertised by a well known On-line agency When I received the quotation the Taxes and Fees were nearly double the cost of the advertised fare If the figures are known, surely they should be included or shown separately on the advertisement This would save both the seller and buyer hassles and time and eliminate room for any confusion Any comments would be welcome
  5. DiscoVolante

    Are onboard mutinies justified?

    The sea is no playground in bad weather. The captain decides and the passengers and crew accept. He has the responsibility regardless of the opinions of a few dummies. These irresponsible nutters are going to add additional costs to cruising with their antics.