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  1. Our friends that are cruising with us for the first time are newlyweds and I’d like to order them some room décor as a surprise…How do I do that?
  2. My husband and I are scheduled to leave on a closed loop cruise out of Tampa going to Key West and Cozumel in a few weeks. We both have passports that have expired. We also have our birth certificates and the enhanced driver’s licenses. I don’t think I have any time to renew our passports before we leave on March 4th. As long as I have a birth certificate and the drivers license I know I’ll be fine getting on the boat. Will I also be fine when I leave/return to the boat in Key West and Cozumel? Thanks in advance for your help! Holly
  3. Hi All, This will be my first cruise with Royal Caribbean...I just booked the March 4th 2019 cruise out of Tampa on the Brilliance of the Seas! I've experienced Carnival a few times and 1 Disney cruise many years ago. My question is about RC website. I originally booked on their website a couple of weeks ago and every time I log in and go to my "Cruise Planner" to try to book anything (dining, beverage package, activities and such) I get a message that says "Sorry, we cannot reserve this now". Is there a certain time frame when I can start booking and planning? Thanks in advance,
  4. Friday – Last day at sea When we boarded the ship the first day we knew we had to sign up for the “Behind the Fun” tour or we’d miss out. So as soon as we walked onto the Magic we headed to the excursion desk and signed up! We had never done anything like this before and thought the kids would find it interesting. I had gone back and forth during the days leading up to the cruise. It’s a hefty price tag for a family of four! We ultimately decided to do it because we weren’t sure if we would have another opportunity in the future and this was more of a vacation for the kiddos…so here, take my money. Carnival’s ‘Behind the Fun’ Tour For those who want to get an insider’s look at the inner-workings of a Carnival ‘Fun Ship’, Carnival has created ‘Behind the Fun’,a guided tour that provides guests with a unique insight into the company’s shipboard operations. ‘Behind the Fun’ is offered fleet wide. The informative tour offers participants a behind-the-scenes look at a wide range of ship board venues that are normally off limits to guests. During the tour, key ship board personnel, including the captain, chief engineer, chef de cuisine and other department heads, share their vast knowledge in their particular area of expertise. ‘Behind the Fun’ begins with a stop backstage in the main show lounge where participants can see exactly what goes into creating Carnival’s award-winning revues. The tour then moves on to normally restricted areas such as the laundry room, crew galley and dining room, crew gym and crew training center. Next it’s on to the expansive main galley where talented culinary artists prepare upwards of 12,000 meals and snacks a day for Carnival’s guests. The tour also includes a visit to the ship’s bridge and engine control room and informative Q&A sessions with the captain and chief engineer, respectively. In addition to a comprehensive overview of Carnival’s shipboard operations, ‘Behind the Fun’participants receive a number of commemorative gifts, including a custom-made‘Behind the Fun’ baseball cap and lanyard and even complimentary photos with the captain on the bridge. We met everyone in the steakhouse at 8:30am. They had beverages and assorted breakfast pastries for everyone. Audi was our tour guide and he happened to be on his last week of his contract before going home to India. He was extremely nice and informative. My kids would ask me to repeat what he said every once in a while because they sometimes had a hard time understanding him with his accent. Also, they had difficulties with other staff members as well but I think they got the gist of everything. I don’t want too much detail here because surprises are nice. After it was all said and done we got to see the kitchen, engine control room, entertainment staff’s dressing room, crew dining room and training center, laundry room, and the bridge. They do not allow you to see the crew cabins. Of course the bridge was the best part. The captain actually let my daughter push the button that blows the ships horn. You get a treat from the chef when you return to your room and a picture of yourself with the captain to keep later that same night. After our tour we headed to Guys Burgers (the French fries are amazing) and the Tandoor for lunch. Tandoor is an Indian food buffet tucked away at the back of the ship. This buffet was rarely busy and had some of my favorite food on the ship. Tip: Make sure to stop at the Tandoor for lunch at least once while on the Magic, you won’t regret it. Dad took the kids to a magic show while I took a nap and then we had more WaterWorks/Pool time before dinner. We weren’t able to sit in Joel’s section tonight because we didn’t want to wait. Dinner took forever and we missed Joel the whole time. After dinner we rushed to the America Rocks production…it was really good, I’d recommend it! Afterwards we stopped at the Redfrog Pub. The Redfrog Pub had some of my favorite drinks from the cruise: The Ting-A-Ling (I also really liked Red's Painkiller!) Then it was time to go back to the room and pack :loudcry:
  5. Thursday – Continued We headed to dinner after we were back on board and askedfor the same wait staff…they were just as good as the previous night.
  6. Thursday – Grand Turk We received an announcement early this morning from the captain that there was a boat in distress and that maritime law requires that the closest ship come to its aid. He explained that this would delay our arrival time to Grand Turk. I got up, headed to see my favorite person and relaxed a bit on the balcony. This was probably the port I was most excited to see. After breakfast we heard from the cruise director…we were back on track to Grand Turk and would only be about 45 minutes late. They decided to extend our time atport to make up for it. By the time we arrived there was already a Carnival ship docked and the place was crazy busy. I really don’t know how they were going to fit everyone on the same island! We scheduled another Carnival excursion for today: Rays, Conch & Reef Snorkel This tour takes you on a guided snorkel tour of the beautiful Caribbean reef experiencing first-hand the beauty of Grand Turk’s underwater world. With a myriad of colors on display, you will see an abundanceof tropical fish and vibrant coral as you snorkel the clear, turquoise waters. Your experienced tour guide will introduce you to some of the exciting marine life around Grand Turk such as sharks, rays and turtles. With the help of your tour guide snorkel for Conch Shells that will after be prepared into a fresh Conch Salad. Before boarding your boat to enjoy this local delicacy you will have time at Gibbs Cay to swim and play with the friendly rays. When we arrived we had about an hour or so to do some shopping before meeting for our excursion. After everyone was accounted for they marched us down the beach to awaiting catamaran type boat and off we went. Our first stop was intended to look for conch shells which, IMHO, was acomplete waste of time. There really was nothing to see or do. After about 15 minutes of floating looking at sand they gathered us back on the boat and went to a coral reef. This was 100% better and I wish we would have had more time here. After only about 20 more minutes of snorkeling it was time to get back on the boat and we headed to Gibbs Cay. It was obvious that the sting rays were used to people and they were all over the place. Our guidewas able to hold one so everyone could get a look and he asked for all the children first…which I appreciated! While everyone was checking out the sting rays the other guides were busy on the shore preparing our Conch salad and explaining to everyone how it’s made. Back on the boat! On our way back to the ship everyone helped themselves to rum punch, water, and Conch salad. After it was all said and done I would have preferred more snorkeling…especially for the high pricetag. I am thankful that I wasn’t one of the folks from our boat that had to try and find an empty beach chair…because…goodluck! Beach was packed! The boat:
  7. Wednesday – San Juan (continued) After lunch we discovered that the WaterWorks works! So the kids spent lots of time playing there before we got ready for another elegant night. I’m thankful that Carnival wasable to make the repairs in time for my kids to use all that Waterworks has to offer. It was one of the reasons I decided on the Magic after all! We made sure to go to dinner earlier (5:45pm) than the last elegant night to hopefully miss out on the 45-minute wait like the last time! We were able to make it right in with no wait at all. It was tonight that we met our favorite wait staff. They did a FANTASTIC job. Here they are… Food for tonight: After dinner we caught the Dine-In Movie: Hidden Figures. It was a great movie! Tip: When you are ready for the movie don’t forget to grab yourself a blanket. They hand them out by the towel hut.
  8. That's awesome! They will LOVE the Terracross excursion!
  9. Never went to the casino and didn't keep track, sorry :D
  10. It was a short (but uphill) walk from the pier. I had a map with me...if you Google you'll be able to find one easily. We could have taken the trolley; however, it was a little crazy near the port (2 ships disembark at the same time) so we opted to walk instead :-)
  11. They each got a Drawstring Backpacks with "Sharks" on it. They both did various things at the camp. They enjoyed it each time except the scavenger hunt activity. They both said it was "lame". :cool:
  12. I couldn't find the dining room menus on the HUB app anywhere. They do post the night's menu outside of the dinning room but I'm not sure what time they display them. I noticed them when we walked into the dining room.
  13. Wednesday – San Juan We were supposed to dock at 8am but it was delayed. I’m not really sure why…because we had a balcony we watched them do a security check up and down the pier with a K9 before we were cleared to dock. We had no excursions planned for today. Our only plans were to visit one or both of the forts and do some shopping. Once we were given approval to depart the boat (around 9am)we headed straight to Castillo de San Cristobal (closest one to the boat). After paying our entrance fee (which is good for both forts!) we explored on our own. After exploring for about an hour we went shopping in Old San Juan. We were at the end of our shopping and I happened to walk past Barrachina…the birth place of the Pina Colada. I’ve heard and read about Barrachina before and I knew it was in Old San Juan but I had no idea I was this close! Do you think I could convince my kids to sit with me and have a snack so mom could have a Pina Colada? NO, they were too hot and crabby! Little do they know they just earned a ticket to visit grandma and grandpa the next time I go on a cruise. I left Barrachina with nothing except this photo…sad. After that we had enough of the heat and shopping so we headed to the boat for lunch and pool time.
  14. Glad you are enjoying it! We went on a Disney cruise then they were that age. It was the best vacation we've ever been on. I would continue to do Disney; however, they can't beat the affordability of Carnival! :cool:
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