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    Hello Everyone, It is a great pleasure to be here with fellow cruise lovers like myself. I have been after May 31 on two on the Explorer of the Seas 5 night to Bermuda and can't wait to go. I have a question about the cruise documents. Two months ago, I saw on the Royal Caribbean's website that I have elected to recieve my documents online, but when I told the travel agent this, she informed me that I will be getting the booklet like last year. I am confused. Will royal caribbean put them online also, so in case I lose them, I can print them out or no. Any information is appreciated. Also another question is this. It is now 4 weeks until my second cruise and haven't recieved any word that my documents are in. Is there a reasonable amount of time before my departure before I should be concerned about getting them? Also, when is the normal time the travel agents recieve the booklets before the cruise departure? Let me know so I am not obsessing and worrying about this. Thank you in advance. Your friend in cruising, Nick